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02 Dec 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2020-10-20, 19:47   #1
Smile Squad Reality Mod

Interesting upcoming mod that tries to achieve the gameplay a lot of us had in mind when we kickstarted Squad. Some bold changes. Everyone should try it out.
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Default Re: Squad Reality Mod

Looks cool, I really hope there is many attracted to this new game mod. Many of us were greatly dissappointed and we are now waiting for BF3:RM to delivery us the rightful successor to PR which squad never ever was. However much the devs like to run on that marketing point even though its laughable.
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Default Re: Squad Reality Mod

The thing about Squad for me is, it really depends on the server you play. There is only 1 EU server that I can honestly play like I would PR. Everyone is communicating and the rules are generally the same as in PR. On most other servers, it feels like a completely different game where everyone is doing their own thing.

Still, the no dead-dead thing is very annoying but I think it's going to come back soon. Looking at their trello board, they do seem to have changed the direction to something more similar to PR. What they did with the rally is much better than before but still needs nerfing. Another thing that would be great to have is physical supply crates instead of points on a radio.

This mod you've linked to seems to remove one of PR's core gameplay mechanics, FOBs and the rally changes don't seem very logical to me.

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