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Old 2009-12-01, 00:54   #31

SketzoH's Avatar
Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Looking very sexy indeed

Originally Posted by Hauteclocque View Post
It's not IMI rather than IWI ?
I read few articles about this weapon, it's really amazing, you can use different types of magazines and switch the fire rate (impossible to do in PR because of the damn limited slots, unlike in FH2)

It can even lauch rifle grenades !!!!

As we use to say in French "Que demande le peuple ?" bad translation : what can you ask more ?
We would say-
What more could you ask for?

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Old 2009-12-01, 01:54   #32
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Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Absolutely awesome. Keep up the excellent work.

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Old 2009-12-01, 02:07   #33
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Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Originally Posted by Conman51 View Post
So is this like an Israeli m249 modified?
Nope. Completely new weapon that was designed to be their own equivalent to it.

"Clear the battlefield and let me see, All the profit from our victory." - Greg Lake
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Old 2009-12-06, 01:13   #34
Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

lol get a lazer aim on that thing it would own close range fighting
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Old 2009-12-06, 02:28   #35
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Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Can i take my flavour in Vanilla? or maybe Cherry

Killing the enemy sylently
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Old 2009-12-10, 05:55   #36
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

I like machine guns only when they have some scopes on them.

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Old 2009-12-10, 12:46   #37

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Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Not as cool as an M249 but still cant wait to shoot it
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Old 2009-12-11, 04:29   #38
Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Nice job!!!
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Old 2009-12-16, 11:42   #39

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Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Originally Posted by sylent/shooter View Post
Can i take my flavour in Vanilla? or maybe Cherry
how about chocolate? lime? cookie dough
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Old 2009-12-16, 20:58   #40

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Default Re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Sexy , love machinguns , finde them the best weapons to use in battle ! Good luck with modeling
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Closed Thread

iwi, negev, weapon, weapons
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