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Old 2009-11-29, 10:23   #1
Retired PR Developer

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Default [Weapon] IWI Negev

Will come in 3 flavours: ironsight, ACOG and MEPRO21.
WIP Screenshots taken from BF2 Mesh Viewer

Model + UV's: [R-DEV]Z-trooper
Textures + export + animations: [R-DEV]Chuc

Personal Folio -
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Old 2009-11-29, 10:27   #2

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Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Looking forward to having a blat on this... Nice job mate

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Old 2009-11-29, 10:38   #3

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Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Lookings really good!

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Old 2009-11-29, 10:41   #4

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Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

From IDF ?? Cool ! Can other factions use it too ?

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Old 2009-11-29, 10:55   #5
Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

nice! looking forward to using this
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Old 2009-11-29, 11:03   #6

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Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

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Old 2009-11-29, 11:22   #7
Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

looks awesome cant wait to blow some brains out with it ^_^
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Old 2009-11-29, 11:27   #8

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Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Looks ace! =)

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Old 2009-11-29, 12:42   #9
Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

Awesome work Chuc, love this weapon!
Israeli are doing great weapons!
Old 2009-11-29, 13:24   #10

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Default re: [Weapon] IWI Negev

I'll take one with MEPRO21 thank you!

Nice work!

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Closed Thread

iwi, negev, weapon, weapons
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