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Old 2009-11-25, 17:21   #41
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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

Now we definitely need fastropes...

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Old 2009-11-25, 17:30   #42
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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

Awesome! This is going to rock! Can you tell us more about the object of the map? Is it to capture the docks or rescuing a single ship? I can see regular forces being used in capturing the docks, but spec ops would probably be used if its about securing a single ship, with potential hostages. It would be wicked if the militia recieves an old AA gun from ww2 like a bofors or flakpanzer or similar
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Old 2009-11-25, 17:55   #43

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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

Looks awesome! Keep the sun nice and bright.
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Old 2009-11-25, 17:56   #44

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Smile Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

awesome hope this one comes out with 0.9 haha

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Old 2009-11-25, 18:51   #45
Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

Remember that the region in question was actually the only peaceful part of Somolia for a number of years. They orginized their own anti-piracy force with outside money and for all intents and purposes were the autonomous (kinda redundant since there was no central government to be affiliated with) for a time.

There are 2 possible foes for this part of Somalia, either pirates or al shabab. Al-Shabab is actually an al qaeda affiliated (I say affiliated but I don't mean they are working together, they want the same things but at most they exchange a little cash and intel). Either group will have combat experience and both will be well versed in use of the old Soviet weapons.

Not sure if Al Shabab controls any armor like the Taliban did but I know there was a close call with some pirates making an attempt on a ship full of T-72s. I doubt they would have actually unloaded and fielded them but like in much of Africa, the old soviet tanks can be worth their weight in gold if they are used strategically.

I am really curious to see where the PR crew takes this one.
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Old 2009-11-25, 19:06   #46
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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

This look awesome! Nice work as usual!

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Old 2009-11-25, 19:53   #47
Lagsalot 56k

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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

Wow, this is beautiful.

Can't wait to see this in action.

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Old 2009-11-25, 20:35   #48
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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

Since this IS pirate map, any chance that the Essex can be invaded?
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Old 2009-11-25, 20:55   #49

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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

Originally Posted by Neo_Mapper View Post

But I can see some problems coming...

How will the "taliban/pirat/whatever" get on the cargo? spawn? ---> COULD be to spammy and they could just camp there in corners to make it impossible for BLUEFOR to cap the ship.
Maybe add in a blackhawk with his miniguns a'la COD4!
Oh and make it have fastropes please, plus navyseals ;D
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Old 2009-11-25, 21:01   #50
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Default Re: [Map] Eyl Somalia (A pirate influenced map)

looks awesome

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Closed Thread

eyl, influenced, map, pirate, pirates, somalia
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