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18 Aug 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Old 2009-05-22, 00:19   #41
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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

that is just pure scary romagnolo

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Old 2009-05-22, 00:21   #42
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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

nice, general shape is looking good

One thing I've spotted that looks a little off thou is the headlamp box bits seem a little tall or something right now.

Other than that, looking good.

Also if your planning on looking into the tracks soon, heres a quick tut on them: Bf2 Track Modeling

Also the wheels on the inside of the track, you need to keep there centre vertex in order for the texture to animate around them correctly.

Hope that helps

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Old 2009-05-22, 00:37   #43
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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

// Ser godt ud makker

Looking good buddy

It is a pretty complex vehicle to model and it looks like you are doing great thus far.
It is so awesome to see what a tiny amount of tutoring and more importantly, your willingness to learn can amount to
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Old 2009-05-22, 00:45   #44

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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

we can't copy the PoE2's models as far as I know, buuuuut... nothing has been said about use their images as references :P

if I made anything wrong here, please, delete de post and don't send me an infraction.

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Old 2009-05-22, 01:02   #45
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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

na its fine to use it as a reference, I'm sure the POE2 guys will have no problems with it they are all a nice bunch

I dunno why BEEX got worked up ages ago about his jeep being used as a ref but ye...

anyways ye, would definitely recommend checking out the POE2 model (even worth installing POE2 and having a play with it), see how they made it etc, just dont use it

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Old 2009-05-22, 01:45   #46

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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

i heard that the armor on this vehicle is pretty weak, they couldnt armor the hell out of it because it does need to travel in water. also i remember in the iraq invasion there was alot of marine deaths in these things from them getting hit by rpgs. anyone know in real life terms how well armored these are?

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Old 2009-05-22, 03:10   #47
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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

hellz yeah..

really great start...very nice lines on the model... !!!

neat choice of projects...I like odd shaped vehicles...(check my s afreak)

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Old 2009-05-22, 03:44   #48

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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

You are a beast. A sexy one.

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Old 2009-05-22, 04:42   #49

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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1

Are you planning on modeling an interior?

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Old 2009-05-22, 04:45   #50

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Default Re: [Vehicle] AAVP7A1


just dont use it...

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aavp7a1, vehicle
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