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20 Aug 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Russian Airborne Forces

Sorry for my English)))) You can do this? Russian Airborne Forces VDV how in this video?
and a map in order to sabotage behind enemy lines.

The VDV is unrivaled in the world in force projection, Russian airborne unit's deploy both armored fighting vehicles and heavily armed soldiers to form a fighting force that is second to none.
The ability of Russia's airborne military to present a sizable armored force first makes it unique.

The modern VDV uses a plethora of lethal weapons and armor to achieve its objectives.
- BMD-1M (Infantry fighting vehicle fitted with a 73mm smooth-bore gun)
- BMD-2M (Infantry fighting vehicle fitted with a 30mm automatic cannon, and 9M113M guided ATGM)
- BMD-3 (Infantry fighting vehicle fitted with a 30mm auto-cannon, and 9K111 ATGM's)
- BMD-4 (Infantry fighting vehicle armed with 100mm, and 30mm cannon's and 7.62mm coax.)
- Sprut-SD (Light tank fitted with a smooth-bore 120mm main gun)
- 2s23 "Nona-SVK" (Mortar vehicle fitted with a 120mm gun mounted on a BTR-80 chassis)
- 2s9 "Nona-S" (Mortar vehicle fitted with 120mm gun)
- BTR-80 / BTR-80A (Armored Personnel Carrier fitted with 14.5mm heavy gun or 30mm cannon)
- ASU-85 (A self-propelled gun system armed with an 85mm main gun)
- bagi niva рда-1( 2-x Machine gun kord a 12.7mm)
- Kamaz, Ural, and GAZ (Transport trucks)

- AK-74M (Main assualt rifle)
- AKS-74 (AK-74 with skeleton stock)
- AKS-74U (Special purpose assault weapons with shortened barrel)
- RPK-74 (Light machine gun)
- PMK "Pecheneg" (7.62mm general purpose machine gun)
- Dragunov SVD (7.62mm snipers rifle)
- GP-30 (underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher)
- AGS-17 (Automatic grenade launcher)
- RPG-7 (Russian: РПГ-7,-32) is a widely-produced, portable, shoulder-launched, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade weapon.
- IGLA 9K38 Man-Portable Air Defence Missile System.
- Rocket Flamethrower Shmel-M
- anti-tank system KORNET -E
- anti-tank system METIS M-1
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Default Re: Russian Airborne Forces

Sounds a lot like a spec ops mech group. PR only portrays standard frontline soldiers.
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Default Re: Russian Airborne Forces

Smells suspiciously like a suggestion.

Please make sure you read the suggestion forum rule threads before making a suggestion again

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Closed Thread

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