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20 Jul 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2011-10-25, 06:49   #1

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Default Majority of Grenadier sights unusable?

I hadn't really played grenadier in forever. I then went ahead and played a lot of COOP in this version and since its a default kit thought I'd toy with it. I found that aside from the standard US Army or Marine Grenadier many of the grenadier sights just seem... unusable. Its like the perspective on them is just screwed and either obscures the majority of the sight or the angle you're looking through it renders minimum distance already at the bottom of the sight where you'd expect 300m to be.

Here's my only pic at the moment. If anybody actually wants to talk about it I can get screen caps of the other kits I've found to be strange.

If anybody were to actually try and use most of these kits its like you have to guess where all the distances are and the bars mean not a whole lot of anything. I thought that these sights would be pretty easy to read between multiple faction kits but I've found no consistency in the variety of Grenadier kits I've used.

Maybe I'm an idiot, maybe I don't get it, but this just doesn't seem like its meant to be this way.


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Old 2011-10-25, 08:40   #2

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Default Re: Majority of Grenadier sights unusable?

I think its in game because its a actual problem IRL with the m203 sights on the m4, if you want to use it just use the rightclick one it has iron sights, and by many you mean the IDF sight, with the reflex cant be used when set to a 100meters (all other distances are fine), and the US army m4 is not usable at 50m with an acog, those are the only " majority of grenadier sights are unusable" grenadier sights in the game.

P.S. we have functional sights now, press Q when looking through them herp le derp

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Old 2011-10-25, 10:14   #3

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Default Re: Majority of Grenadier sights unusable?

Originally Posted by karambaitos View Post
P.S. we have functional sights now, press Q when looking through them herp le derp
Long winded demonstration of incredible military e-penor or... straight up answer to my very specific problem... hmm I wonder which was more helpful.

Herp a derp yourself. But thanks for the answer.


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Default Re: Majority of Grenadier sights unusable?

Locking before this turns into flames, question has been answered:

As karambaitos rightly stated, the Q menu (press Q while already sighted in) allows you to set the grenade launcher to the desired distance. Some sights indeed block one distance, but you can always get around that by either requesting the ironsight version of the kit (right click the kit in the request menu, in case any reader isn't aware) or using another distance setting and do a little guesswork - sole reason for that is indeed realism, it's a problem actual servicemen have to deal with when using these weapons. There's no easy fix either - the sight is where it is in real life, so is the scope that blocks parts of it - not really anything that could be changed.

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