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23 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2011-03-19, 15:39   #391
Default Re: [Vehicle] Ka-50

VapoMan,you play BF2 with this chopper?Because I do.ANd there were no problems with performence on my "stone age" PC.
The biggest problems were with wrong sized HUD textures - they were the reason of desctop crashes on Radion videocards.But it was simple to handle,by gust resizing them.
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Old 2011-03-19, 16:00   #392
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Default Re: [Vehicle] Ka-50

Originally Posted by AriX17 View Post
VapoMan,you play BF2 with this chopper?Because I do.ANd there were no problems with performence on my "stone age" PC.
Let me just say this, this chopper's poly count is somewhere around 80,000 tris where a normal vBF2 chopper is around 6,000 tris and hell my Z-9WA is around 10,000 tris and I think that's really pushing the limits although I plan on doing heavy optimization on the LODs in order to make it good for low gfx users.

Just because it seems to run fine, doesn't mean that it is. Hell this mod runs totally fine on my PC, some code changes I can make on my PC which only change my FPS level by 1 can change another PCs FPS level by 20fps difference, sometimes even more.

If we put this chopper in the mod as it is loads players would crash on loading the map just from running out of memory since we are right on the memory limits on most maps, many people already crash on load on some maps which are not very optimized let alone thinking of making that problem worse.

Testing this chopper on Gulf of Oman with a few bots and only one of these choppers on only one PC without even looking at the FPS, memory levels etc is hardly a tougher test...

In all, this chopper has no place in PR as none of the factions would use this attack chopper heavily and already have a perfectly good attack chopper in there arsenal which serves the purpose of an attack chopper better this one and thous attack choppers are also optimized, unlike this one.

Right now thou I feel like I'm just wasting my breath as w/e I say, even thou I have a huge amount of experience under my belt in this area, but you obviously know more than me about this subject...

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Old 2011-03-19, 17:24   #393
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Default Re: [Vehicle] Ka-50

What Rhino said, enough of this.
Everything has been explained several times and answers were given, just forget about this heli.
And spamming suggestions to PM won't work, don't bother on that front too.

[R-DEV]Z-trooper: you damn russian bear spy ;P - WWJND?
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