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05 Aug 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-09-23, 20:26   #1

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Default [Help!]Autodesk 3D Studio Max v9 Download Link?

Hello everyone, i want to get into modeling for PR and i've seen in the following tutorial ( that Autodesk 3D Studio Max v9 is required. I have 0 experience in 3ds software, in fact i did modelling with ZModeler for grand theft auto but this is completely different! Can someone provide a download link? And if possible a tutorial to create/edit a vehicle texture. Something like this but related to Project Reality ( Thank you!

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Default Re: [Help!]Autodesk 3D Studio Max v9 Download Link?

First, nobody here will give you any links for max.

Second, you no more need just max 9 for modelling for PR. Harmonikater created new import tools that allow you to use more modern version of max. But preferably no newer than max 2016 for example, cuz most of devs still use older version of max it seems. You gonna need to cooperate with them and its best your max be compatible with theirs. 3dsMax can only correctly open files that are created in its own, or previous version of max. Newer max ver files might have errors if tried to be opened in old ver max, gotta keep that in mind.

I, for example use max 2012 for modelling, cuz I have problems with max 9 on my PC. If max 9 works for you, then ye, better use that version, cuz a lot of devs still use it.

Better start learning max following very simple modelling tutorials from YouTube, like, modelling a chair, to get a hang of its UI and stuff. I learned how to model in max using that method.

Series of Basic tutorial >

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Default Re: [Help!]Autodesk 3D Studio Max v9 Download Link?

Thanks for the reply Hokunin! I'll buy a 3DSMax license and start with youtube tutorials. Thanks again. Close thread

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Default Re: [Help!]Autodesk 3D Studio Max v9 Download Link?

If are still young you can also probably attempt to get a student license. AFAIK that allows you to use the bf2 tools just fine? Might have other limitations I am unfamiliar with. 3dsmax isn't exactly cheap.

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