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22 Aug 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Old 2019-02-15, 13:58   #1

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Default Glow effects

Hi there do you know if it is possible to add the glow effect to other meshes

For example rather then just a bulb shape i have some tubes as in strip lights and would like to give them a glow effect do you know if this is possible

Also we are making a Stargate mod for BF2 and would like if possible to add an effect to the Event Horizon to make this almost glow so its on night maps it would look awsome

any info or advice would be great.
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Old 2019-02-17, 03:59   #2
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Default Re: Glow effects

I don't think anyone here has experimented at all with creating any new glow effects so you will just have to experiment yourself with it and see what you can do. Would be interested to hear your results btw!

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Old 2019-02-18, 08:40   #3

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Default Re: Glow effects

No worries i have a go and see what i can come up with and let you know my findings
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Old 2019-03-02, 10:36   #4
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Default Re: Glow effects

Battlefield 2 or XPack (Special Forces Update) introduced Lightsources which allows dynamic lighting.

So you would need to create a .con and tweak file.

I've got some code you could use:

ObjectTemplate.create Bundle damagefirelight_small
ObjectTemplate.createdInEditor 1
include damagefirelight_small.tweak
rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2005/4/6 8:57]
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe Bundle damagefirelight_small
ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser Arab
ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1
ObjectTemplate.createdInEditor 1
ObjectTemplate.floaterMod 0
ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate damagefirelight_small_LightSource
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.create LightSource damagefirelight_small_LightSource
ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser Arab
ObjectTemplate.createNotInGrid 1
ObjectTemplate.createdInEditor 1
ObjectTemplate.lightType Point
ObjectTemplate.isDynamic 1
ObjectTemplate.castsStaticShadow 1
ObjectTemplate.castsDynamicShadow 0
ObjectTemplate.selfLights 1
ObjectTemplate.selfShadows 0
ObjectTemplate.supportsPerVertex 1
ObjectTemplate.supportsPerPixel 0
ObjectTemplate.supportsGlow 1
ObjectTemplate.supportsEmitter 1
ObjectTemplate.affectLightmappedObjects 1
ObjectTemplate.affectingType 0
ObjectTemplate.attenuationRange1 2
ObjectTemplate.attenuationRange2 2
ObjectTemplate.color 1/1/1
ObjectTemplate.speccolor 1/1/1
ObjectTemplate.HDRIntensity 1
ObjectTemplate.coneAngle1 10
ObjectTemplate.coneAngle2 12.5
ObjectTemplate.projectorFov 1.0472
ObjectTemplate.projectorAspect 1
ObjectTemplate.projectorNear 0.001
ObjectTemplate.projectorFar 5
ObjectTemplate.enabled 1
ObjectTemplate.fov 8
ObjectTemplate.objectShadows 1
ObjectTemplate.shadowIntensity 0.85
ObjectTemplate.softness 0
ObjectTemplate.intensity 1
ObjectTemplate.flicker 0.1
ObjectTemplate.scale 1/1/1
And then you can add ObjectTemplate.addTemplate damagefirelight_small to the .tweak of your mesh anywhere and set it with ObjectTemplate.position x/y/z (numbers) and ObjectTemplate.rotation x/y/z

You can make it flicker frequently by increasing it from 0.1 to 1, otherwise you can disable it by setting it to 0.

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