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26 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-08-04, 18:29   #36

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Default Re: are the devs gonna do PR mod for SQUAD? PR:squad

Plz also make explosive/fragmentation weapons splash bigger to comparable levels to PR values. And add sniper kit lol, although CF mod basically already forced the sniper role into the game now in one instance at least and wouldn't have any of OWI retarded reasoning why sniper role leads to camping (marksman totally isn't a camper kit though am i right xD).

And would also be cool to remove excessive HUD elements and friendly name tags popping up at any distance, those are just crutches that take away from the immersion aspect.

Not only did the DEVs totally throw off the CAS/AA balance and make TOWs useless against tanks, no that was not enough. They also had to introduce their most controversial change yet, a 16 character limit on player names.
''Mats literally does not give a single fuck what you, me or everybody else thinks the game should be like. He doesn't care if you, me or everybody else plays the game even.'' - Frontliner
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