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28 Jan 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default [Tutorial] How to export 2017 max to 9 max.

I meet a lot issues working in 9 max, especially with UVW(relax tool in 9 is terrible for me).
So i try to work with 2017, where UV editor was much friendly, with more capabilities and those small bugs which i meet in 9's was gone. Also 2017 have additional tools for modelling, so i decide to model in it aswell. I was warned that there's a lot of trouble with exporting, but found this way to properly export from 2017 using FBX format.

Step 1: Set up one material with some Bitmap(use your reference material if left or set up any picture as bitmap on material) applied on your mesh.
This need for saving your UVW Map.
As example here's material with first picture what i found(some old normals map).

Step 2: Then use FBX format for exporting your mesh and use settings on screenshot and press OK. Sometimes it will warn you about texture map, but dont worry.

Step 3: Import your .fbx file in 9 max and setup proper material. My mesh was fully properly UVed and with non-curved geometry.

Step 4: Now u can start triggering Mineral by posting your work with 2017 max's viewport

p.s. I'm sorry that posting this here, i have no access to mod. tutorial section
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