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27 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Coop & Singleplayer Suggestions and feedback pertaining to Project Reality Single Player.

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Old 2019-08-15, 17:23   #21
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Default Re: [COOP] Fix for Bots shooting trough foliage.

And that is what i found in Project Reality Game C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\ai\esai\docs\fromdecompile

Extracted from BF2.exe (1.41)

IT Flags: (27 total)

000000521108   000000922108      0   ITHasCarHorn
000000521118   000000922118      0   ITObstacle
000000521124   000000922124      0   ITHasWreck
000000521130   000000922130      0   ITHelicopter
000000521140   000000922140      0   ITNoTemperature
000000521150   000000922150      0   ITObstructedView
000000521164   000000922164      0   ITSoldier
000000521170   000000922170      0   ITVegetation
000000521180   000000922180      0   ITBiological
000000521190   000000922190      0   ITStructure
00000052119C   00000092219C      0   ITLowPriority
0000005211AC   0000009221AC      0   ITUnmanned
0000005211B8   0000009221B8      0   ITMobile
0000005211C4   0000009221C4      0   ITCover
0000005211CC   0000009221CC      0   ITFixed
0000005211D4   0000009221D4      0   ITArtillery
0000005211E0   0000009221E0      0   ITTransportation
0000005211F4   0000009221F4      0   ITAirfield
000000521200   000000922200      0   ITRadar
000000521208   000000922208      0   ITControlpoint
000000521218   000000922218      0   ITNaval
000000521220   000000922220      0   ITGround
00000052122C   00000092222C      0   ITAir
000000521234   000000922234      0   ITUnit
00000052123C   00000092223C      0   ITRepair
000000521248   000000922248      0   ITAmmunition
000000521258   000000922258      0   ITProduction
Small joke. I know that's in there because PR added ESAI and Void added the whole stuff for us ai codders. He helped me much longtime ago.

The red marked ones having my attention.

1 or 2 of them will help me to get ammocache defense for Coop-Insurgency done via mapstrategies.

From TK

The first step is to create the strategic areas and their relations. Once this is done, I consider the different plausible scenarios of the map. Almost all maps will work well with a standard strategy that runs most of the time, one strategy if the team is dominating the map, and one strategy if the team is being dominated. This setup will make the map play decently in most circumstances. If this turns out to be too stiff and repetitive, it may be a good idea to add one or two more strategies for the normal situation on the map. These strategies aims to create situations where one team may concentrate on one flank, one spear head attack, or spread wide to try and capture badly defended areas. Once I know what I want to achieve, I write the strategies and add flags to the strategic areas so that I know that the strategies only will activate when I want them. The same thing goes for the modifiers. If I want the bots to attack a certain strategic area, I make sure that the flags for that strategic area are unique so that I can add modifiers that guarantee that that strategic area is the one with the highest temperature.
About Coop Insurgency, i cannot use ITFlags for the SA Layouts combined with mapstrategies to get the bots to the ammocache zones.

But i can use TTN modifiers in a mapstrategy with an ammocache-ai to increase the temperature of the specifiec SA where the ammocache spawned.

About ITCover:

The BF2 Developers said the ITCover behaviour isn't used anymore in BF2 but they asking themself why vehicles still having the codelines.

I believe it's still inside but no vanilla staticobject has an ai.template with any to tell the bots that it can be used as cover. Only one object, corrugated_fence_destroyable_part, has an ai template and when used and correctly navmeshed the bots will not jump anymore against that objects that isn't in destroyed condition.

And sorry Valmont for Hijacking your thread but you said you want learn to speak our language.
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Old 2019-08-19, 19:28   #22
Default Re: [COOP] Fix for Bots shooting trough foliage.

Originally Posted by Arab View Post
For bots being stationary @Valmont, I have an experimental vehicle code that allows bots to stay stationary using the stand LCVP animation from WW2 Beta and with the prevented exit vBF2 code, allows you to setup ambushes and allow mappers to spawn AI-only spawns in capture points. No vehicle model is used, and the bot can do a 360 around although the legs don't move when rotation left and right.

It's experimental as in there's technically 2 seats which is required otherwise the game crashes. I think I know the issue and i'll work on it again later.
Currently focusing on v1.6.
That is just AMAZING! I love how you managed to use vehicle code to achieve what would be a somewhat realistic defensive ai behavior! Can't wait to see it being further developed after 1.6!

Originally Posted by Fastjack View Post
And sorry Valmont for Hijacking your thread but you said you want learn to speak our language.
Hey! I am learning a LOT and besides this forums belongs to you guys the DEVs! We mortals just enjoy your creations and mess things up!

And every three years we come up with some "actually useful" suggestions that you could use to make your creations even better!
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