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03 Apr 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2019-11-17, 13:30   #1
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Default Northants expert

OK I'm going to throw this one out there. Do we have any PR players who live in the NORTHANTS area in UK that is a bit savvy with computers?
I've just bought myself a new gaming laptop and first drill was to install PR. Anyway since installing I have been having this problem with manual updating. Keep getting various messages and cant update. On switching on my computer today I cant even get game to run. Tried updating without game running and still getting same update problems. Really starting to pi$$ me off now. I bought a new laptop specifically for playing PR and I can't. It's running fine on my older Win7 laptop but obviously Win7 isnt supported after next year. I dont want to go down the "SQUAD" route as I love PR. I'm a devotee and been playing since 2011 In fact its the only game I have on my computer.

If we have any takers out there can you message me please.
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Default Re: Northants expert

Could you post some screenshots of your issue?

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Default Re: Northants expert

Is this the same error message as the previous post?

I think from the error message, v1.3 is installed which will cause issues when updating since it's a lot of files that's changed.

The best thing to do is uninstall PR, restart, download the v1.5 ISO via torrent or downloader and then install the latest version of Microsoft .NET - then install PR with Admin Rights (And with the non-MS AV/Firewall disabled as Alon mentioned).

If it still causes error messages that match below, you can, like you did before, run a manual update:

But it does sound like one of these bundled antivirus software that laptop manufacturers allow do cause issues like slowdowns, including messing with the installation of PR updates.

Thread for common troubleshooting (Crash to Desktop etc):

Let me know how you go.

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