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28 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-12-23, 12:15   #241
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Default Re: Battlefield V

That's exactly what I tried to say, only I didn't have time to write so many words. For me, personally, the game needs to have context and BFV just doesn't. For example, I enjoyed BF:Heroes for what it was. It was inspired by WW2 but it wasn't a WW2 game nor it was referred to as such. And that's why it was a free-for-all game when it came to weapons and customization options.

The main issue with BFV for me is the fact that I really really want a good, realistic WW2 game with such graphics, especially if it comes with a European campaign told from multiple theaters and points of view.

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Default Re: Battlefield V

Originally Posted by 3===SPECTER===3 View Post
I DO believe that games can be used as a teaching tool, in the same that way movies are shown in classes as a SUPPLEMENT to more accurate information, historical games are a great way of giving people an idea of how things were and immersing them in a setting. Especially since video games can help to engage peoples brains more than movies or books. For example, FH2 was something that kick started my interest in WW2 history, and lead me to read/ learn more about the actual battles and weapons in the conflict.
Well, it is true. I liked WWII movies when I was a kid, but when I got my first game, Medal of Honor, I started read more about WWII. Market Garden, Operation Chariot, Afrika Korps, German nuclear program and other secret projects, Pacific theatre - everything started from games for me. Of course missions weren't 100% accurate, but believable. For example Operation Chariot from MoH:European Assault. Real mission was to destroy only port that could fit Tirpitz in western europe. In game it just another invasion... bad ass invasion.

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Old 2019-04-19, 21:29   #243
Default Re: Battlefield V

New price deal on EA until April 25, 2019.

-Battlefield V- 30 euro.
-Battlefield 1- 5 euro.


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