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24 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2012-07-20, 01:38   #1
Retired PR Developer

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Default [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

Name: Chernobyl/Operation Fallout (unsure)
Location: Kiev Oblak region, a town south of the district of Pripyat
Size: 2km
Factions: French Forces/Russia vs Militia
Gamemode: AAS
Game Play Type: Infantry Oriented
Possible Alternative Layers: INS\Foggy weather

Higher Resolution Map:[click here]
Google Maps Location: [click here]

Red Circles:
Blue Circles: Other POIs based on real life (just for reference, incomplete)
Light Green Traces: Additional Bridges

Some RL Pictures: 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10


I would like to start by stating that I have zero knowledge in how to make a map but that I'm already reading tutorials and taking out references. I always wanted to do mapping for PR and I think it's about time I contribute to this wonderful mod somehow.

I always think twice before involving myself to any long time consuming project and this is no exception. I will take it to the end, but I can't promise a deadline.

Fortunately, I will rely on a reasonable experienced mapper support.


I am a fan of post-apocalyptic games and I always thought that a realistic portrait of Chernobyl and all its symbolism would be a neat place to play in. Probably not the most original of places to think of, but it's one that I can't see myself getting bored of. I'm aware that Iron Ridge is loosely based on the Chernobyl incident but I don't think it matters as my map will play out and look different.

When it comes to the map choice, I came across with this one that seemed interesting enough. It offers a good variety of places - although some are fictional -, and it's a far more beautiful region than I first assumed.

Map Layout

The Shipyard is very real as well as the Hospital (even though I will drag it more to west). Needless to say, I will use the infamous H building for the latter as well as expanding its area with other small facilities.
The City Fair is my way of including the ferrywheel and other attractions that can be seen in Iron Ridge. Symbolic stuff, would be stupid to overlook that.
Radio Station and Bus Terminal I am unsure of, especially the latter as I don't think there's any bus model or anything else that people can be convinced of such. As an alternative: Truck Terminal.
Suburbs will probably be my biggest challenge as I will need to make thick vegetation in and around houses to properly simulate abandonment.

Additional bridges have to be made for strategic purposes. Otherwise it would be an eternal stalemate in that single bridge.

Stuff like trenches, camps, bunkers have crossed my mind but it's something that comes when editing.

I will look into model simple stuff as well as retexturing a few other things (like the ships, who are completely rusty and worned out in this case). Not sure of how deep I will look into this, I have a lot of ideas but what matters the most is getting the basic done.


Now, the reason why I thought of the French Forces is because I remember a UN skin in a tank especially designed for Op. Marlin (beside the infantry with their shiny blue helmets). If they're coming out for the next release then I'm going to use them for the sake of variety. Otherwise I will have to go for Russia for the obvious reasons.

I haven't thought much of assets that each one is going to have - as it doesn't matter at this stage - but most likely will give a couple of light armour vehicles for Blufor or just a tank. Opfor won't have much other than a couple of techies (1 SPG and the other .50 cal).
This map will be heavily focused on CQB, so inevitably it will have to be infantry oriented. No air vehicles whatsoever.


While I keep on reading tuts and studying the site, feel free to offer suggestions in how I can improve the map layout as well as giving beginner tips. Rudd already explained a way for me to do thick vegetation as well as cutting the OG on the west side of the map, to which I agreed (for better performance). You can take it from there if you wish.

Bring it on!

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Old 2012-07-20, 02:33   #2

JimmyKid1996's Avatar
Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

This actually sounds like an EPIC idea. +1
I hope it gets implemented in-game, and hope that you get it released!

Good Luck.

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Old 2012-07-20, 05:18   #3
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Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

For quite some time I was hoping someone would engender this idea. In fact, if the map comes to life one day, I wonder what statics are to be used in it to closely resemble the abandoned buildings back from the Soviet era more than 26 years ago. I think those apartment buildings that are on Dragon Fly or Iron Ridge, for example, would do fine. Although if those were retextured to show cracks or moss/fungus, it would definitely add to the immersion. But anyway, that's definitely a great idea and I wish you good luck with it.
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Old 2012-07-20, 06:00   #4

ShockUnitBlack's Avatar
Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

Main thing would be to make it feel different from Iron Ridge IMO (which already features Russia vs. Militia and has the Pripyat Ferris wheel).

Could work out quite well I think, maybe look into the BF2:SF map "Mass Destruction" for inspiration (has a Chernobyl vibe if I remember correctly, which I probably don't).
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Old 2012-07-20, 08:18   #5

rodrigoma's Avatar
Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

its nice to hear youre making a map,
in terms of the layout i like it and i think the thick overgrowth and houses will give a really cool feel to the map
i dont think it will be very hard to make the houses look abandoned, just put a latge bush in it some vines, tree logs and its done
one thing you should think of maybe is make the militia defend , like if they had captured the town for some dark business and russia was dispatched to throw them out
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Old 2012-07-20, 08:28   #6
Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

Excellent, only the NPS & Pripyat area would top this.
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Old 2012-07-20, 10:35   #7

Swaggzor's Avatar
Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

really man if you can actually do this, this would be so friggin awesome....

*NwA* SwaggerNL
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Old 2012-07-20, 14:53   #8
Supporting Member

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Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

This ain't bad for concept. Good luck man

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Old 2012-07-20, 15:14   #9
Retired Moderator

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Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

Get out of here, Stalker!

Love the idea, but would it not make perfect for an INS layer?


Military lawyers engaged in fierce legal action.
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Old 2012-07-20, 15:20   #10

Sgt.BountyOrig's Avatar
Default Re: [Map] Chernobyl (2km) [Concept]

You can't go there, stalker!

Can't wait to see this map in action, maybe you could place the Duga-3 Antenna system somewhere?

Hey check out photo 10, it's the Skadovsk!

[NO] Bounty
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2km, chernobyl, concept, map
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