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05 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Default PRTA's Youtube Channel

PRTA's Youtube Channel

PRTA FFTF #23: IDF Infantry Patrol

PRTA Manhunt Event #4: IDF Prisoners(Part 2 of 2)

PRTA Manhunt Event #4: Hamas Detainees (Part 1 of 2)

PRTA One Life Event #17: Wanda Shan's Forests

PRTA One Life Event #16: The Valley of Bamyan

PRTA Manhunt Event #2: Vast Yamalia (Part 3 of 3)

PRTA Manhunt Event #2: Mutrah Jail (Part 2 of 3)

PRTA Manhunt Event #2: Mutrah Jail (Part 2 of 3)

PRTA CnC REDUX Event (Russian Side)

PRTA One Life Event #12: Black Gold Vehicle Warfare

PRTA One Life Event #11: Korengal Valley Wolves

PRTA One Life Event #10: Black Hawk Down (Part 1)

PRTA Oskar's Advanced Squadleader Training Session For Beginners (Featuring Deckelsmouk)

PRTA One Life Event #10: Black Hawk Down - A Pilot's Perspective (Part 2)

PRTA Oskar's Basic Squadleader Training Session For Beginners

PRTA One Life Event #9: Silent Battle

PRTA FFTF #22: Armour Problems

PRTA Operator Unit Tournament - SIGNUPS OPEN!

PRTA One Life Event #8: A City Among Burning Sands (Double POV)¨

PRTA FFTF #21 - Ramiel City Patrol

PRTA FFTF #20 - Bamyan Insurgent Marksmanship

PRTA FFTF #19: Bijar Desert Shenanigans

PRTA One Life Event #7: Mutrah Strike (Double POV)

PRTA FFTF #18: Khamisiyah's Oil Fields

PRTA FFTF #17: Bamyan US Sniper Squad

PRTA FFTF #16 - Pavlovsk Shenanigans

PRTA FFTF #15 - Fallujah West Standoff (One-Life Event #6)

PRTA FFTF #14: Muttrah Offense

PRTA FFTF #13 Part 3: The Real Sbeneh Chase (Man Hunt Event)

PRTA FFTF #13 Part 2: Trying it alone (Man Hunt Event)

PRTA FFTF #13 Part 1: Lost Souls (Man Hunt Event)

PRTA FFTF #12: Blind In The Darkness (One-Life Event #5)

PRTA FFTF #11: Saaremaa Mech Inf

PRTA FFTF #10: Yamalia CnC (One-Life Event #4)

PRTA FFTF #9: Black Gold Insurgency (One-Life Event #3)

PRTA FFTF #8: Front Defences (One-Life Event #2)

PRTA FFTF #7: The Sbeneh Chase (One-Life Event)

PRTA FFTF #6: Double Bijar Mech Inf Action

PRTA FFTF #5: Fools' Flank

PRTA FFTF #4: Charlie's Point (Vietnam Event)

PRTA FFTF #3 Iron Malyutka

PRTA FFTF #2 Saaremaa Shenanigans

PRTA FFTF #1: Mutrah City Mech Inf

PRTA Squad Promotional

PRTA Deploying to Squad

PRTA VIP Extraction Event Trailer

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