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18 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2011-05-17, 09:41   #11

Pantera's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Originally Posted by sparks50 View Post
Not sure if I understand this right, is Afghan Village a remake of the Arma 1 terrain with the same name by Opteryx?

The Cargo/static weapon system looks very intuitive. Glad Bohemia gave you access to the BAF stuff,they must be eager to see PR in Arma as well.
I would say no, I believe its a PR map made from scratch.

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Old 2011-05-17, 09:46   #12

martinhjerpe's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Sounds awesome! Can't wait for the release
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Old 2011-05-17, 10:19   #13

dunadan's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Nice, can't wait to play this !!
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Old 2011-05-17, 10:43   #14

declan54321's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

I am so excited!!!

The new screens look unbelievably good, some even look like photographs!
So, only two months (hopefully) 'till the initial release...

If it does 'feel' like PR, I will be very impressed, as the vanilla ArmA 2 UI was very clunky and slow.

Thank you for putting all the effort in DEVs; I really appreciate it (PR is the only game I ever play on my computer)!

Keep up the good work,

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Old 2011-05-17, 10:55   #15

Psyko's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Very exciting stuff. UKF your talents with organisation and team effectiveness are very impressive. I think the mod is lucky they have you to form relationships with other developers. Well done.

On a technical note. I have to ask because a number of people do have this issue. I have a CD version of ARMA2, and a steam version of OA. and i use an arma launcher to locate the two exes to launch them.
Long story short: will PRA2 need all the nessesary files to be in one single consolidated folder or will it have a built in launcher to find the exes?

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Old 2011-05-17, 11:10   #16

XXLpeanuts's Avatar
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Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Looks great, and release in july, may the gods lets it be so!!!!! haha

Im interested to see how big the afghanistan map is gonna be and how different to takistan it is gonna be..........?

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Old 2011-05-17, 11:27   #17
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Thanks a lot guys , good work thank you to BI
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Old 2011-05-17, 11:29   #18
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Amok@ndy's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

awesome im really looking forward to PR:Arma2

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Old 2011-05-17, 11:53   #19
PR Community Faction Lead

Arc_Shielder's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Amok@ndy View Post
awesome im really looking forward to PR:Arma2
We all are. I've actually gave the trouble to read over 1000 posts in BIS forum about PR. There are a few things that I missed about the development and they look epic. I don't have the specs to run the game with decent graphics but at this point I don't care. I'll just upgrade some RAM and buy CO when the first chance arises - it might take a while though.
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Old 2011-05-17, 12:00   #20

Technoelite's Avatar
Default Re: PR:ArmA2 - Highlights Reel #5

Looks awesome guys good work. Do the brits get a nice big airbase on the afgan village map, or will they be working out from FOB'S or both i just excited as july is when i come out of hospital yay

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