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Old 2008-07-05, 09:07   #1
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Exclamation US Army Update Part 2

We are coming at you today with the much anticipated second portion of our US Army media update. Due to some unforeseen server issues we encountered last week, we are bit late with this update and for that we would like extend our deepest apologizes. Our tardiness aside, it's time to fasten your seat belt, lock your tray table up, and return your seat to its upright position because we got one hell of an update for you!

If you paid close attention to the first US Army update, you may have noticed there was a render included that was neither shown in game nor discussed. For those of you who didn't catch it, it was the M4 with M68 Aimpoint. This is the final weapon rounding out our newly added M4 family. It will be standard issue to several classes, including the combat medic, engineer and some rifleman, while the M4 with iron sights will be issued to the crewman and heavy anti-tank classes. The phenomenal model and import for the M4 was completed by [R-DEV]Katarn and the outstanding texture was done by [R-DEV]Chuc.

Next in line, we have the updated M1126 Stryker, which was re-skinned to have a more realistic camouflage scheme. Initially, we were under the impression that the Stryker would obtain a desert camouflage within a few years, but after receiving a bit of community feedback and input from our very own [R-CON]MikeAP (a Stryker crewman in the US Army), we confirmed that it will in fact remain CARC green. Adios Mr. Desert Camouflage. You don't have to go home, but you gotta get the hell out of here!

With the UH-60 Black Hawk being the primary transport helicopter of the US Army, we were left with no choice but to completely overhaul the sub-par vanilla Battlefield 2 Black Hawk. We performed a few model tweaks, but more importantly the texture was revamped to bring it as close as possible to its real life counterpart. With the assistance of personal reference photos provided by [R-Con]PirateX (a UH-60 pilot with experience flying in Iraq) and our military advisor team, the UH-60 has finally evolved into a Project Reality worthy asset. The model tweaks performed include all new hand rails, the "disco ball" counter measures unit, and its appropriate air filters, which where all modeled by exec_4ever, UV mapped by [R-DEV]ohnomelon, and once again textured by [R-DEV]Chuc (yea, he's been busy).

Last, but defiantly not least, we have the infamous M2A2 Bradley IFV. The crew from the US Intervention Mod team kindly allowed us to use their superb M2A2 model, which was re-skinned by our very own [R-CON]Shiftys1023. You will be able find the M2 on the various heavy armor maps that will be included in Project Reality v0.8, such as Kashan.

Well, that wraps up the second portion of the US Army media update. Of course that isn't all the new features you're going to find in the Project Reality v0.8 release, just enough to get you salivating. Be sure to keep a close eye out on the Project Reality website for more information on PR v0.8. You never know what new information or sneak peeks might appear…

-The Project Reality Team
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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

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Old 2008-07-05, 09:15   #3

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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

nice nice

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Old 2008-07-05, 09:19   #4
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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

Can i conclude out of the 2nd Blackhawk picture that there will be a Blackhawk in Qwai or?

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Old 2008-07-05, 09:20   #5

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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

Great news ! Nice pictures !
Did I get it right that all those shiny new things come with 0.8 ?
And that 0.8 is the very next update ?

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Old 2008-07-05, 09:22   #6

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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

nice update guys GJ

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Old 2008-07-05, 09:24   #7
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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

the first pic of the black hawk has no rotary blades.

Great work, love the Bradley with TOWs!

"You know we've had to imagine the war here, and we have imagined that it was being fought by aging men like ourselves. We had forgotten that wars were fought by babies. When I saw those freshly shaved faces, it was a shock "My God, my God?" I said to myself. "It's the Children's Crusade."- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughter House Five
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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

Originally Posted by MaxBoZ View Post
Can i conclude out of the 2nd Blackhawk picture that there will be a Blackhawk in Qwai or?
We added the Black Hawk into Qwai for taking the promo pics of its "_woodland" skin. It use to be in Qwai for v0.5 but was removed in v0.6 I think, it may have a come back unsure at the moment.

Originally Posted by Eddiereyes909 View Post
the first pic of the black hawk has no rotary blades.

Great work, love the Bradley with TOWs!
It dose have the rotors, they are just spinning round, look closely and you will see the outline

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Old 2008-07-05, 09:29   #9

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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

Will the M134s be removed from the black hawks?
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Old 2008-07-05, 09:34   #10
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Default Re: US Army Update Part 2

Yay! Updated Black Hawk!

Great work guys, cant wait for 0.8!
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