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15 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 2008-02-21, 19:34   #31

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I liked what u said, made me laugh
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Old 2008-02-22, 03:10   #32

When I got one of those MEC transport choppers and slid it across the ground into a taxiing jet.
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Old 2008-02-22, 23:32   #33

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I prefer driving over engineers who just finished to repair me...actually I never found a good excuse.

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Old 2008-03-02, 22:47   #34

MirindoR's Avatar

hey, what will happen if i drive over this empty insurgent car with the support truck?


...shoulda known..

what we need is silenced weapons.
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Old 2008-03-05, 18:25   #35

I was covering the back of my squad, turnd around and saw A hostile A wanted to kill him, but he took cover. But stil I tried to kill him, so i killed 3 squadmembers, including my SL :/
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Old 2008-03-05, 18:31   #36

Cyrax-Sektor's Avatar

Yesterday, playing Insurgency, I put C4 on an Insurgent spawn point. Then I proceed to knife it. It explodes, taking down the four adjacent walls, and sending me flying.

I don't know what was wrong with me then.

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Old 2008-03-05, 19:34   #37

Rezza(Ultra$hot)'s Avatar

The most noobish moment i felt was as we were walking on fools road to train station we walked 1.5 kms when we came close to a hill at train station and we had 2 full squads with were with us but i was the sl and i said sorry guys i forgot the officer kit guys i never heard such yells in the same time and everybody left my squad that was the moment i felt i was the biggest noob in the whole world but then i had honored myself as the best pilot in alburj that day
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Old 2008-03-06, 19:35   #38

KingLorre's Avatar

id kinda wreck the deploy bunker/firebase everytime i use it... xD
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Old 2008-03-08, 04:43   #39

jaspercat444's Avatar

My moment was in the map Al Kufrah Oilfield, or something like that, and we were the British. I was in a tank with my SL, another guy as the gunner, and me as an Engineer with the .50. Anyway,we drove into one of the Flag areas, and there were a bunch of mines. At the moment, I was talking to somebody and didn't realize the SL was talking to me. By the time I put the headphones back on, the SL was saying "Jasper! Get out of the tank and disarm the mines! Now!" and all I could type into teamspeak (do not have a mic) was "oops..."
Another time, it was in Al Basrah, I was the British Army at their main base. The squad leader was asking something about where we should go next. I didn't know he was talking to me, and another guy was typing "Wow, he's deaf" Then the SL, very desperate, started typing. I still didn't know he was talking to me. And that same guy said "He's blind, too" I dind't figure out he was talking to me until he said my name. Both of them were really embarassing...
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Old 2008-03-08, 05:33   #40

SpecterOfWar's Avatar

I had just got done playing vanilla (i know i know, don't chastise me just yet) got into a Gulf of Oman WAC on the Marine side, and the Cobra needed a gunner.....I'm sure you can see where this is going....I run up and just hop in......nuff said....DOH!

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felt, list, moment, noob
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