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17 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 2008-02-11, 02:45   #11

OiSkout's Avatar

A while ago when I thought the MGs weren't supposed to have ammo(they took it out in the patch before) so I thought it was a bug. Nope.

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Old 2008-02-11, 05:45   #12
PR:BF2 Developer

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Once upon a time, it was a nice sunshine day in Gulf of Oman, and everyo Marine was sunbathing on the carrier, while all the Blackhawks took a bath and some kid was selfishly flying around the only one left.

It was at that time when Outlawz7 suddenly connected and popped up below the deck, because he forgot which spawn is the top one again, came up and saw all the sun cream was gone, so he took shade in the Essex. There was a bunch of Marines on the beach with their backpacks near the shore, as they went out to buy more sun cream from the nice little shop in the town.
Then Outlawz7 smiled as he saw the big gun and missiles and though he'd send some up to the locals on the ground, fired a burst, then a barrage of rockets, only to teamkill the nice bunch of Marines, that went to buy sun cream. He then magically disappeared out of shame.

Outlawz7 is online now
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Old 2008-02-11, 13:19   #13

Smegburt_funkledink's Avatar

I forgot about a match I played in .6, Insurgency, Basrah.
My SL was driving around in a beaten up bomb truck, I offered to fix it as I was Civi. I'd heard about the catana music it played and asked him what it was for, so he turned it on and got out. I started panacing as there was an enemy vehicle approaching and the music was still playing in the truck. I figured the music might give away our position, so i jumped in and clicked. "YOU CANT TURN THE MUSIC OFF AGAIN!!" oh, it must be the right click.....



Before I could apologise for sending my SL into orbit, he was screaming at me. "god damn noob, stupid ass fuc#in' fool, god damn your stupid!"
"right click sets the bomb off"

I replied on txt (didnt have a mic yet) "ah, gotcha" (asin-oh gotcha, I understand now)

"got me? wtf???"

Soz whoever that was, it was some time ago now.
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Old 2008-02-11, 13:51   #14

BabaGurGur's Avatar

I'v had to many noob moments to list them all, but heres the best one

Al Basrah, .6, round just started, im in a rover, rover full, i have a support truck behind me and 3 APC's infront of me, all of a sudden I see 2 bomb bikes heading for us, and for some reason, i started yelling on my mic "WE'RE GONNA DIE SOMEONE SHGOOTT EHM!!!!!!!!", and no one did, boom, 1 bike took out 2 apcs and the other killed my rover, i later realised i didnt join a squad.

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Old 2008-02-11, 15:43   #15

CareBear's Avatar
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first time using a bomb car, hopped in and wanted to turn music on, thugh it was right click like radios calls on humer and smokes etc, instead it blewup :/

kasha got the froggy for once, just happend to be on runway so i got in it, flying around destroyed a fir number of there vechiles, landed took off again saw an enemy supply box spawn about 5 m in front of me, at that pint i jsut said over TS 'wtf?' froggy hits supply crate and blows up :/

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Old 2008-02-12, 21:23   #16
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Sadist_Cain's Avatar

The moment i really still do feel like a n00b...

When I focus on getting a random group of pubbies working together, Medic, auto rifleman giving supressing fire, Moving out in a boat and approaching the flag in beautiful formation only to discover I've forgotten my officer kit... again

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Old 2008-02-12, 21:38   #17

We aproached a metal fence with wooden planks in one place.
Anyone got C4? - SL asked.
Not me
I'll do it - I said eagerly.

After that I quickly jumped in a car and tried to smash the wooden planks several times. For the last try I decided to gain some speed. When I hit the planks car exploded. My charred body laying on the ground.

You didnt have to do that... but I apreciate your sacrifice - SL thanked my charred body.
I only managed to say It wasnt suppose to look like this

[R-MOD]Mongolian_dude: ...remember to show as much respect to the new players as the veteran players. Todays 'noob' is tomorrow's 'Vet'.

Reddish_Red: We're fine...

Random.. ehmmm... "player": Give me the chopper. No. I want to fly. No. But I want to, get out from it now or I TK you. ... ... ... No
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Old 2008-02-13, 09:30   #18
Supporting Member

0.5 mutrra, Managing to drive off the map in the boat, with a full squad...
Yes.. I was not fully aware..
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Old 2008-02-14, 16:23   #19

Once, in 0.5 or so, I joined a squad on Steel Thunder as american in the beginning of the round. Squad leader decided that we'd man some armor. So, I get in as driver in a tank, squad leader get in as gunner, the rest of the squad man another tank.

When we've crossed the south bridge and advanced a bit into the woods (well got ordered to), I sight some hostile armor just ahead. I spot them and tell my gunner (sqd leader) that we got armor infront of us. He's aiming way off to the left and I'm all like, no, no to your right, northwards etc. He continued aiming about 90 degrees to the left of the target (aka TOTALLY off) and obviously we got owned.

Anways I decide to stick with the squad even though things went to hell at first, so we head out, me drivin' in an APC and with a tank in front of us. We get reports that the enemy armor has been pushed back so we cross the south bridge again, tank first. I keep my eyes on the hills.. which turned out to be very foolish because on the middle of the bridge, the tank pulls to a dead stop, my APC crash into him from behind and the whole squad dies. The shame.
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Old 2008-02-14, 21:39   #20

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lol yesterday when i was in the frogfoot, dived bombed a tank with rokets and cannon and...

didnt pull up in time.

i did better later on though i got 15 kills until noob drove in fron of me on takeoff after rearming.

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felt, list, moment, noob
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