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01 Dec 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-07-11, 19:37   #1

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Default Steel Division 2

Curious if anyone else purchased the game. God damn steep ass learning curve for me considering it has no tutorial system, but damn is it addictive.

unfortunately I am stuck around medium AI. Still learning the waves and importance of classes. Had a nice break out though it ended in a defeat. It might look like its my AI's fault the breakout failed but it was actually my own, I used up too much armor before and couldn't defeat the last bit.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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Old 2019-07-12, 15:51   #2
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Default Re: Steel Division 2

I do not recommend this game to anyone. Compared to Wargame RD it is a waste of money.

Not considering playing against AI in Eugen games as a good gameplay, so I talk only about multiplayer.

Game inherited problems of both Wargame RD and SD44. The interface is pure shit. Paper-rock-scissors mind games have radically reduced dimensionality compared to RD. Map design biased towards long-range weapons that severes the previous point. The typical Wargame lobbygaming became even worse. No matchmaking except ranked, it is the weakest feature of all Eugen games. The decks doesn't have all types of units required to play well, and decks that have fewer holes in unit selection much better. Complicated penetration mechanic that does not guarantee you anything, and to bypass it you have to mass units to get better chances of non-negative outcome. Unit stats are raw to the limit, as example, AA units has damage per seconds per price varying by almost two orders of magnitude. Hidden HP bar force you to zoom on the unit to see it's HP by brokenness of model. The models are a joke, ugly and not without inaccuracies. Graphics in games from the beginning of 2010s are better than in SD2. Brand new frontline system is basically maphack that allows predicting where the enemy units are. Add to this that artillery is effective and makes an impact to come to a headache of artyspam. Matches have not time limitations, and they may last for an hour or more, players compete not only in how good they use units but also in how many time they want to invest in this. An 2005 game like PR has tracker, and guss what? SD2 doesnt save tracker unless you were in the match till the official end that never comes until any player from the team plays because bot takes control of abandoned units.

I saw all problems before release from journalist friend that received free copy for review, the friend that player Wargame RD just a bit and were comparing SD2 to SD44, not to Wargame RD (duh, very useful position to be in for him). Nonetheless, I got hyped that finally they made a sucessor for Wargame RD and so I bought it, the next day I already regretted it. The resistance of my sanity against boiling emotions about probability to enter the same river twice made more impact on me than a game itself. Friend's ability to do his journalist job were reevaluated. Obviously, he did it for money, but while doing it he began to believe in the crap he wrote for himself, plus he didn't unveil enough aspects of game to make a decent review.

Playercount dying fast judging by stats.,919640

With how many they ask for the game and what the game offers Eugen are just hucksters.
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Old 2019-07-14, 15:51   #3
Default Re: Steel Division 2

My friend got it and called me to try whit him. After around 10 hours and more of play time in last few days, i must say I like it. We really didnt played campaign, so cant give much on that part. Multiplayer is fun and hard in same time. Division system is good and better then SD44, but there are balance issues and arty spam is there as always, but this issues can be easily fixed. I personaly like frontline, but I can see reason why some players hate it. I would say its a buy, but suggest trying it first, before making desicion.
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Old 2019-07-24, 19:16   #4

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Default Re: Steel Division 2

That crazy son of a bitch Panzerschreck team.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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