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30 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII Suggestions Suggestions from our community members.

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Old 2014-09-06, 12:39   #1

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Default Waco G-4 gilder that can drop a jeep

It'd be cool if you'll give the Waco CG-4A Glider an option to drop jeeps when it lands.

I have an idea how to get it working.
i think if you'd just get in the plane with a jeep it wouldn't work, so instead .. make an option to drop a jeep, instead of dropping a crate.

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Old 2014-09-06, 18:45   #2
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Default Re: Waco G-4 gilder that can drop a jeep

That is indeed how you would have it, almost like a "flying" logi that drops jeeps on command. However, I don't believe we have a (very good) model for this at the moment, along with too many other things to work on before any type of release.

Perhaps in the future!

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