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11 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2014-07-10, 14:57   #1
Default Rope Noise too loud

playing Fallujah last night I could hear people's ropes going up several grids away, I think we can all agree this is not necessary.
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Old 2014-07-10, 15:14   #2
Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

This sounds like a bug. I can't hear ropes easily at all :/

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Old 2014-07-10, 16:00   #3
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Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

It's been like that for a long time already, so long that it has become a gameplay mechanic even. I think it should stay as it is.

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Old 2014-07-10, 16:00   #4
Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

I was playing with High setting, EAX off, going to try it with it back on... but seems to have been a problem for a long time. Do you play with your volume all the way up? Seems to be a given for me but every time my roommate gets on, he turns down the volume to around 75%.
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Old 2014-07-10, 16:04   #5
Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

Game play mechanic? I'm telling you I was the enemy of the guy and I even thought it was silly, I don't want to hear my enemies hooks 3 blocks away. I lived in a city for awhile, your lucky to hear someone screaming bloody murder around the corner, let alone a hook blocks away. Your not going to hear a hook hitting a roof in a URBAN WARZONE! maybe more abetting sounds, more random music, dogs barking, jets flying overhead, distant explosions, people yelling, etc. It's very bug like/ vanilla like and should go go go.
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Old 2014-07-10, 16:09   #6
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Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

Now we're back to the "ultra realistic simulator vs arcade-ish multiplayer game" argument. We have a nice balance here, and I enjoy the bare-bones nature of the current release.
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Old 2014-07-10, 16:13   #7
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Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

At least on my sound set up, the rope noise probably is louder than it would be IRL, certainly louder than when someone nearby reloads/drops C4/ throws a nade etc.

But from a game play perspective the noise is invaluable when defending a building. We've had a few changes to the old spider-man kit over the last few years to discourage one-man-ninja's.

So speaking as someone who dabbles in sneaking, I think the noise of the rope giving your position away is probably justified. Producing a disadvantage to sneaky-breachers to the benefit of squads defending structures.

Cheers, Murkey.

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Old 2014-07-10, 16:19   #8
Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

I don't think it's an argument of realistic vs. game play, I think it sucks in either scenario. There is a way to turn down the distance of a sound, not just the volume, so your making a a void argument on building defense. Unless I'm wrong and that's only vehicle sounds. To me that only helps ninjas because you depend on a noise for your defense, rather then a good a defense, LOL. I've never depended on a rope noise for my defense and if that's what your going by then phew boy, that sucks. That's really not much different then depending on kill messages and hit indicators to know if you killed someone, does getting rid of those really make you not know if you killed someone or give you a great awareness, same concept with the rope noise, false security based off a rope noise helps ninjas, cause I might not use the rope.
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Old 2014-07-10, 16:19   #9
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Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

Do not turn EAX off! I am suprised you didn't complain about all the other sound issues that come with it when its disabled.

if you turn it off, you will simply hear every single sound ingame. You will hear every vehicle and every bullet hit. Go on Kashan on an empty server, shoot with a rifle all the way across the whole map against a hill. You will see the impact and the bullet splash sound around 6 seconds later. Also vehicles can be heard across the whole map. You won't even notice a difference between a tank or chopper that is about to come up behind a hill next to you, or if it is just booting up in main.

Same goes for hooks, I would not be suprised if you hear every single hook on a map.

Turn EAX on again and everything will be fine. It is impossible to play with it turned off.

//about the hook sound: its not too loud but still noticeable and realistic. You'd hear a damn iron hook getting thrown over your balcony irl aswell. As said it already became a gameplay mechanic, due to its distinguished noise, making everyone go ape-shit crazy in a building: "HOOK!! HOOK!!", "Where is The HOOK?!?!"...or players starting to fire upon an enemy building before the hook is thrown, to cover its noise..its part of the game and should not be touched.

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Old 2014-07-10, 16:24   #10
Default Re: Rope Noise too loud

yeah but maybe that's a good thing because I'm able to notice these differences other players might not. I doubt turning it on is really going to stop be from hearing it further away than I reasonable should for realism or game play, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and try.

other sounds are reasonable to me, except for this, regardless of what your experience may be, I'm telling you the other sounds are fine, I do here them far away but not far enough away that it's unreasonable.
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