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20 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Exclamation Punkbuster Error: MD5Tool Mismatch Troubleshooting

Updated 5/6/08 - My Solution Steps and Fixes can be found on this post in this thread. <-- Click here

Original Thread:

This thread is the only other one that has any info on this issue but still does not come with an answer. No threads linked from it have any tangible answers at all.

The error message given in a pop up window after Punkbuster kicks me.

Error: Punkbuster Kicked player 'Player' ...MD5Tool Mismatch: mods\bf2\ (len=2048)

Background: I am an IT professional in real life so diagnosing bugs or issues with my Win XP machine is not a new thing for me. Keep that in mind. From the release of Patch .756 I have had no issues at all with disconnecting or getting kicked for this particular error. There are the normal connection issues (Esc Button Fix) and punkbuster getting confused and generating an error (Punkbuster A or B .exe not running correctly) but this particular PB error has not occurred until today. Just keep in mind that nothing had changed, no new programs were installed and I have done nothing new to my computer since I last played PR. Which was on Friday morning, 3 days ago.

Computer Specs: Win XP Pro SP2 to current, 2GB of RAM, CPU: Pent(R)4 3.2Ghz, VC: Radeon x1950 Pro Video Drivers: Omega 3.8.421 (Do not suggestion Catalyst or ATI drivers as everything past 7.7 breaks this card running any game)

Video Settings in Game:
Rez: 1280x764 85 hrz - Terrain - Med / Effects - Med / Geom. - Med / Tex. - High / Light - Low / Shadows - Low / Light - Off / AA - Off / Tex. Filter - Med / Dis. - 100% /

Attempted Fixes in order done.
- Update of Punkbuster (Manual Update from website)
- Complete removal of all Punkbuster files including hidden .sys in Program Applications folder and then after restart of PC a manual installation of PB.
- Turning graphics down even lower than they already were. No graphics changes had been made prior to problem appearing.
- I have no modifications to my files with exception of renderer.drawfps 1 being put into my gamelogicinit.con file which I have since taken out to test if that was the reason. It is not.
- Complete Removal of all BF2 related programs. All PR files and all BF2 files removed. Additional folders left behind after Add/Remove programs sequence manually removed. All registry entries for BF2 or PR that I could find were also removed. This includes all profiles and settings for users in Documents folder.
- Defrag Hard Drive and CCleaner my Registry and Cache files.
- Ran Ad Aware 2007 and Norton Anti-Virus full scan on primary HD. No issues found.
- Complete new installation via BF2 DVD physical Disc (NOT Download version), new appliance of BF2 Patch 1.41, Re-installation of PR files Setup and Maps. Re-patch of 0.756. Updated PunkBuster one more time manually after installation of all BF2/PR files.

So short of reinstalling my video drivers or removing all BF2 stuff and reinstalling it again or a complete reformat of my HD and reinstalling XP, I am out of ideas.

I have no earthly idea why this error decided to affect me now since the patch was working just fine for many weeks now. The posts here so far are no help as there is no fix specific to my issue except one person changing a single video setting which I have already done.

Does anyone have any insight? Playing is impossible since I get kicked sometime within the first five minutes of the game now.
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