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19 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Kashan Desert v1.4.10.0

So to start. Overall I like idea whit two active bunker flags in same time. But while playing yesterday I found one other problem on this map. That problem is lack of light transport vehicles. This porblem is really big on STD and LRG where MEC doesnt have any trucks(need to relies on Mi-17) and Canada has 2 norespawn trucks. ALT is doing better whit 6 norespawn trucks.
Why is this problem? So in normal game teams usually can rely on chopers to transport them and give them supplies. This was good in old map system where trucks were used to rush north/south bunker(depending on side) while trans whould deploy INF on hills and there first flag. But after this update we got captured first flags(for both sides) and 2 bunker flags(both can be captured). This forses trans for three tactics:
-deploy 2 squads in each bunker flag(big risk to lose one choper)
-to deploy one squad in hills and one in bunker
-and to deploy 2 squads in hills
Usually team on Kashan has 3 INF squads+ CAS(which usually playes INF in first 20 min). That mines that 2 squads cant be deploy(APC usually dont transport INF because they try to destroy enemy armour which is IMO best to do). If both chopers survive(after this map update thats rare for one of teams) we could deploy two other squads. I would not have any problem whit this,but some other maps have that much light vehicles that you can choose whole match in which vehicle whould you move out of main. Why than Kashan has max 2 trucks on most layouts?
To fix thise problem i would recommend few changes to vehicles on this map:

4xMLVW Logistic(5 min)
2xMLVW(5 min)
2xMercedes G-Wagen(5 min)
1xMercedes G-Wagen Support(7 min)
3xLAV-3(15 min)
3xLeopard 2A6(20 min)
1xCH-146 Griffon(5 min)
1xCH-147F Chinook(10 min)
2xCF-188A Hornet(20 min,delay)
1xCF-188A Hornet CAS(20 min,delay)
4xUral-4320 Logistic(5 min)
2xUral-4320(5 min)
2xUAZ-3151(5 min)
1xUAZ-3151 Support(7 min)
2xBMP-2M(15 min)
2xT-72S1(20 min)
1x9K35 Gopher(10 min,delay)
1x9P149 Shturm-S(10 min,delay)
2xMi-17 Hip(5 min)
2xMiG-29 Fulcrume(20 min,delay)
1xSu-25 Frogfoot(20 min,delay)

US Army
4xM35 Logistic(5 min)
4xM35 2.5 Ton(5 min)
2xM1151 Up-Armored HMMWV(10 min,delay)
2xM1126 Stryker MK19(15 min,delay)
2xM2A2 Bradley ODS(15 min)
1xM1A2 Abrams(20 min,delay)
2xA/TWQ-1 Avenger(10 min,delay)
2xUH-60 Blackhawk(5 min)
1xAH-64D Apache Longbow(20 min,delay)
1xOH-58D Kiowa Hellfire(20 min,delay)
4xUral-4320 Logistic(5 min)
2xUral-4320(5 min)
2xUAZ-3151(5 min)
2xMT-LB 6M(10 min,delay)
2xBTR-80(10 min)
2xBMP-2M(15 min)
1xT-72S1(20 min,delay)
1x9K35 Gopher(10 min,delay)
1xZSU-23-4 Shilka(10 min,delay)
2xMi-17 Hip(5 min)
1xMi-28N Havoc(20 min,delay)
1xSOKO HN-45M Gama 2(20 min,delay)

Note that curent tickest are OK and they should stay us there are.
Note2 I mean v1.4.11.0
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