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21 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2017-03-09, 13:10   #21

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Default Re: Gaza INS

yep just as they said belongs hardly to the teams how the round will end.
3 Caches are fine, we will see if this works.
The point about the boat that it is useless I canĀ“t confirm, saw it used many times by the IDF to avoid contacts until your are at the dropof point.
The biggest threat for the IDF is still, if they are not able to deploy an FOB inside of the city otherwise they will be hardly camped in front of their mainbase.

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Old 2017-03-16, 19:39   #22
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Default Re: Gaza INS

Amount of tickets need to be reduced for both ins layers. Since Gaza is mostly infantry-oriented map on tank layout Hamas need to make slightly more than 400 kills to win, that's too hard if you have only 4 caches; on infantry layout opfor have to make 300 kills with 3 caches. In average both is 100 tickets per one cache, that's enough for 2-3 attacks and this probably okay for first cache but not for next ones which usually easier.

I suggest 500 tickets for both layers.
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gaza, ins, poxo is ghey
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