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18 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Jeep and Kubelwagen overpowered

Yeah, that'll be fixed in the future.

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Default Re: Jeep and Kubelwagen overpowered

Originally Posted by Stemplus View Post
I find it OP to have the guys in the back seat of the Kubelwagen able to use their weapons, that way you can have a medic as the driver, MG in the front seat, engineer in the back seat, and a HAT guy in the other back seat. The medic will heal the rest, engineer will repair the vehicle, throw his super-granade, and deploy mines, MG in the front seat will rape trucks, cars and infantry, and the HAT in the back will kill tanks. The HAT and the MG also have backup ammo in the back. It's ok to have the MG guy able to deploy his weapon in the front, but the back seats make the vehicle a lot better than the jeep.
Aaaah KubelShrecking from FH2 before the fix

Chuva_RD : You want to remove bugged thing but dont tell how to fill formed void.
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jeep, kubelwagen, overpowered
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