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16 Dec 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Project Reality Beta Tester
Default Re: PR:WW2 Status Update June 2018

Originally Posted by Ragnarok1775 View Post
If you mean legally, no, medics were legally allowed to carry weapons for defensive purposes only. It did not make them valid targets. I believe the unarmed medic convention article was passed in 1948 or 1949. Typically the US carried the M1911 and Germans the P08 or P38. I think this would be reasonable as it's not an offensive weapon unless you're crazy.
While that might be the case, for the European and North African theatre the combattants, outside a few instances, respected the Red Cross markings. So as to not give either side an excuse, a reasonable assumption would be that both sides had their medics not wear weapons at large, but we don't know for sure.

Here's a reddit post, but there isn't a definitive answer:

Originally Posted by Ragnarok1775 View Post
1) A significant respawn timer penalty plus ticket loss? No exception for knives. But then some people may not know/care. Is it possible for the game to distinguish between a gun/melee kill and a splash-damage kill? As a kind of workaround for accidents or medics being human shields. So I concede this may not be practical.
Knifing would mimic the "civi arrest mechanic" in Insurgency, after all, you've got to get rid of people in the capzone somehow :P
And yes, the game can detect which weapon was used to strike down an enemy, otherwise the above would not be possible. If you're familiar with Marlin Insurgency from a few years ago, you may remember that knifing a civi still gave you a penalty because the knife is considered a conventional weapon. Only straps and shotgun shells trigger the arrest behaviour to function as intended.

The problem with "significant" ticket losses is once again the abuse potential and the weird feeling when you end up losing the game because of it, even though you were pushing the enemy back. This is really finnicky, I think we best stick with the behaviour seen in our modern combat scenarios.

Originally Posted by Ragnarok1775 View Post
If the devs were to stick to realistic kit loadouts including pistol-only medics, we wouldn't have an automatic weapon-heavy squad. We would just be short one M1/K98k. I'm assuming there will still be limited kits. You're F-ed without a medic (which personally I believe should be a one per squad limit) and it's a pain to switch squads, wait a couple minutes, pull an AR kit (if it's even available), then switch back. The squad will still be dominated by rifles, and no one gains a machine gun.
I appreciate the effort on your behalf, but the goal was not only to "remove automatic spam" but also "promote them rifles". If I were to mix your idea with the current set-up a Wehrmacht loadout would look like the following:
1 MP40
up to 2 MGs or 1 MG/1 StG
1 G43
2 Kar98k
2 unarmed/pistols

As you've read, this is nowhere near a realistic loadout for a German Infantry squad, but it gets even worse if you drop the numbers down to 6 players:
1 MP40
2 MGs or 1 MG/1 StG
1 G43
2 unarmed/pistol or 1 unarmed/pistol + one Kar98k(LAT)

You see where the problem lies? The Kar98k, the Wehrmacht's primary weapon, appears only on kits that are necessary for a squad to function already, and stripping another 2 of it makes it disappear almost completely. We're already oversaturated with special firearms as it is, please don't advocate it making worse.

VTRaptor: but i only stopped for less than 10 secs and that fucking awesome dude put 2 of them
]CIA[ SwampFox: well my definition of glitching is using an enemy kit to kill the enemy
Just_Dave: i have a list about PR players, and they r categorized by their skill
Para: You sir are an arse and not what the game or our community needs.
AlonTavor: Is that a German trying to make me concentrate?
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