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04 Oct 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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[R-DEV]​M42 Zwilling
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Post [Info] Running the Debugger in PR:BF2 v1.X

The BF2/PR debugger is extremely helpful in tracking down bugs that don't give error messages, but it does require a bit of knowledge on how to read the log messages.

Here's what you'll need to do to set it up:

1.Download Debugger files and menu files modified to work with the debugger (they are quite outdated compared to the release version but it doesn't really matter).
2.Extract Debugger files into your root Project Reality folder (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\) and modified menu files into mods/pr_edit/content (do it AFTER you have completed step 4 from the editor setup tutorial).
3.Then run the normal PR launcher. Right-click on "PLAY", and click "Launch Debugger". Next you'll need to make a profile that will function properly in the debugger. Go to "Manage Profiles" and create a new offline profile.
4.Select it from the profiles list after creating it and hit "Convert Profile" to convert to a debugger profile.
5.Depending on what you want to do, you may want to go back to the Options menu through the launcher, select debugger profile in order to lower resolution and disable fullscreen. That's because fullscreen only produces logs while windowed mode also shows error windows for more important errors.
6.Go back to the debugger screen(right click PLAY and select "launch Debugger"), select your new profile, log in, and have fun debugging.

When you're running the debugger in windowed mode, you'll get error messages popping up all the time when loading. Generally, these are messages about texture coordinates, which can be ignored. Simply press Continue through them all.

Log messages are output to mods/pr/logs. You'll get 2 log messages, a BFLog and a Debug log. The Debug log is lots of stuff about what it's currently doing, and the BFLog is more similar to the standard error messages that pop up, and is more about errors rather than notifications.

Generally, any errors and crashes will be the last thing in the log, but not all the time. We have found that errors relating to collisionmeshes won't be the last error, and sometimes some other things. So, go back through the Debug log looking for "Error" or "Warning" messages (you'll notice things start with Debug, Warning, Error, Assert, etc), and see if it's anything about something you've just modified. That'll generally be the problem there Good luck and if something doesn't work out then come to the community modding forums and make a thread about your issue.

Updated for

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Default Re: [Info] Running the Debugger in PR:BF2 v1.X

Hello there, i don't seem to be able to load any lrg 128 map only 64 and less.
upon selection to 128 lrg map it gives me std on loading.
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Old 2020-10-26, 11:03   #3
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Default Re: [Info] Running the Debugger in PR:BF2 v1.X

Yes the debugger only supports the default bf2 layers. It also only support 64 players and 6 men squads. We will probably not change this as its too much work and we do not need it ourselves.

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Old 2021-01-05, 23:31   #4
Default Re: [Info] Running the Debugger in PR:BF2 v1.X

if I extract to \Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\ it asks if I want to replace files... Is this ok? or do I skip?
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Default Re: [Info] Running the Debugger in PR:BF2 v1.X

Thread cleaned and updated for v1.7.1.1 with additional information and a menu fix to make the debugger usable again.

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