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08 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2020-05-15, 16:30   #21
Default Re: Kafr Halab

Originally Posted by Coalz101 View Post
Not really if Russia has good asset squads and good inf who gives intel on enemy locations (And kills the quad gun).

If cas doesn't die carelessly to quad gun in the first 10 minutes you can win a match easily.
Same goes other way around. If Rebels have solid assets squads that will kill enemy tank and stay alive and If they lock first flag under there control they can easy win. Most important thing for Rebels is good mortar squad, that will rank up kills and make Russians lose as many as possible tickets.

But in general, what I noticed from playing map 10+ times by now is that map supports hard snowball matches, specially on Std and a bit less on Alt (pretty much team that can keep tank alive longer win), probably main reason why matches on Kafr last less then hour in my and more players expirience. If Rebels lose first two flags, there is no way there are coming back, specially whit Russians going behind there backs to precapture flags. Only idea to fix issue is to increase number of flags to 5 or 6, or make middle flags double active.
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Old 2020-07-23, 18:53   #22
Default Re: Kafr Halab

IMO, Russia wins over Ins on this map so reliably that one could think of increasing INS fire power.
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Old 2020-07-25, 23:16   #23

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Default Re: Kafr Halab

russia wins most of rounds. Please fix balance so mec stands a chance
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Old 2020-07-26, 22:28   #24
Thumbs up Re: Kafr Halab

Originally Posted by UncleSmek View Post
russia wins most of rounds. Please fix balance so mec stands a chance
Follow the way the game and map mean for you to play, you are given worse asset with less capabilities for a reason. Masirah is a perfect example with 2 BMP and 4 Boraghs. They are all shaped the same for perfect overwhelming distraction, buying more time off enemy target identification alone plus the unknown sound masking of boragh, BMP or both. 2 BMP < 6 APC. You need to think. Like on Masirah with MEC getting BMP 30MM against french tanks. You cant kill a tank with BMP fast enough unless you surprise it from the back when it has less eyes and support like TOW/HAT/LAT/INFANTRY nearby to immediately save or get revenge for their armor. For one stop lone wolfing squads on the attack and defense.

All squads need to help each other. You dont go anywhere without connecting dots at least visually. APC, jeeps and all of that. Squads arent supposed to work alone, 3 APCs arent supposed to be alone separate from tanks, jeeps and infantry. As a single infantry squad if i follow any asset whether infantry squad or armor squads with jeeps, .50 cal APCs and logi they last longer to indefinitely. Watch this video for where i learned to do this for the team.

I dont care if the assets want to go look for enemy assets on edge of map, it always leaves my squad hiding, playing dead or just plain old dead dead. If the enemy assets comes to the flag area then we get mostly or all killed without armor support till armor starts to help. Then sadly if our armor survives they dont learn from that mistake, go off alone to die and leave again later in the match, then the same players do the same thing on different matches everyday. Try something new, stop trying the same thing, which includes moving and having small squad of 8 attack alone with another squad 2-5 minutes behind in distance or tasking like building a FOB. Just wait in position to attack till support arrives. Instead we need infantry guarding armor from sneaky LAT/HAT near edge of cap. I have heard dumb excuses to not do this like "tank drives too fast, we get RPG"(happens to armor when alone) or "infantry moves too slow"(again we have 4 hours) when I have full control over my speed to match infantry pace by tapping W instead of flooring it all the time like idiot.

If infantry escorted armor with logistic trucks once supplies is done being used like a cool Call of Duty campaign mission this wouldnt be a problem. It is all common sense, you know the games content and capabilities (repair station, rifles, armor, your eyes) you people just need to do it. Take your time, every map is 4 hours get that armor support, you dont lose tickets unless you die, lose flag or bleed tickets. The reason matches have up to 4 hours is because EVERYONE is supposed to suppress, suppression backs enemy off, keeping you safe but making them more cautious and harder to kill.

This all goes together with what im saying that the assets dont suck, they arent weak, it is most of everyones play style. This is a support game, support each other with your eyes and bullets. Suppression prevents them from shooting which in turn keeps them alive for longer saving more tickets, you dont need to know the enemy location to suppress when you can just back them off all known, unknown and possible spots they can fire at you from. They also may think you saw them, think you are looking there, they might shoot at you giving off their position when you didnt actually know they were there in one of the spots you shoot. YOU ALL PLAY THE GAME ALL WRONG, you commit to the enemy TOO MUCH to the point its repeated squad wipes. I see 2 guys shooting at each other with an equal chance to hit each other, if someone backs off to retreat, grab support it ENDS that situation

Did I mention I'm a deadly SOB? Life is like a box of chocolates fool, you never know if its me till you break down that psychological warfare that done happened to you or your friendlies. Get to know me on the Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist on YouTube for 20+ skills
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Old 2020-08-02, 19:39   #25

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Default Re: Kafr Halab

Sure realism is great but gameplay is more important. There is a fine balance.
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Old 2020-08-02, 19:48   #26
Default Re: Kafr Halab

played the map 3 times im no expert but every time russia wins quite easily
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Old 2020-08-02, 21:05   #27

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Default Re: Kafr Halab

Would be nice to add a lrg layer or change factions to give another alternative.

Sure its a cool concept to put not sustainable.

Just put any European Faction against MEC or Russia on that Map.
I mean, Syria was a playground for all these factions so if you want some kind of realistic scenario to justify such a change you got plenty if you are create.
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