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08 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2020-05-04, 09:28   #1

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Default Merville

Merville: Fix the flags. US will always take the outside of the bunkers area, so once they have the first flag they also have the rest. No point in having the flank objectives after taking the actual objective.

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Default Re: Merville

Guessing this about alt/inf. Yeah merville gpo's aren't ideal atm. Still thinking viewdistance should be even lower , not for performance now but gameplay.

might just do a regular gpo where it walks through the flags instead of multiple active at ones. From one flank to bunker to last flank. Or through the towns. I'll think about it. Unless there are better community suggestions already ?

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Default Re: Merville

In beta time I think flags works like this - take flanks and then you can get bunker.

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Old 2020-05-24, 12:13   #4

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Default Re: Merville

The bushes lining the edge of the map need moved to out of the combat zone. A lot of rounds are people just using them to get around the map.

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