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08 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2020-05-04, 09:28   #1

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Default Brecourt

Brecourt Assault AAS Std: Extend the US DoD so this weird corner isnt in there. There are a couple spots along that line that allow you to completely destroy the US team. Maybe give the US team a 20 min delayed logi even if they dont take the first flag. Yes I get the idea of the layer, but if the assault fails in the first 20 minutes then US kinda gives up unless they get something new to work with. Also move up the US rally point in H1 a bit (there is no reason the let everyone run those extra 50m in the beginning) and move the crate off the crossroad; you can camp/prefire that with an MG along the road.

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Default Re: Brecourt

Give US a little more cover option while attacking artillery . Now it's only rely on hide & seek in the bushes, this not sufficient since germans ar's just need to randomly spray them to kill US troops.

Au dela du possible ...
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