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26 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2012-01-09, 21:15   #81

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

Originally Posted by ShockUnitBlack View Post
Would it be possible to implement this system for mobile HMGs, TOWs, and Mortars with specialized, corresponding kits for each weapon (eg. a heavy machinegunnner kit).
there is a reason why they are called heavy machine guns you know...

38 kg (83.78 lb) The gun alone
58 kg (127.87 lb) With Tripod

with ammo it will be considerably more.

so the answer to your question is no

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Old 2012-01-09, 22:34   #82

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

What happened anyway to this?

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Old 2012-01-09, 23:49   #83

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

Well, yeah, it's a lot of weight to be carrying around, but it's not by any means impossible for two strong people to lug about (not that I'd want to). Plus the Kord and Type 85 aren't as heavy.

I figured it would simply make for a unique new gameplay feature.

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Old 2012-01-10, 01:37   #84
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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

however this system is flawed in one very fundamental aspect. it takes too long. a bipod is meant to be quick and easy to deploy and put away. this applies even for your so called HMG kits. I would assume you mean something more along the lines of a GPMG such as the FN-MAG / m240b / c6. This weapon uses a bipod in most circumstances outside of defense. this system would mean we'd have to take a minute to deploy the thing under all circumstances making it unrealistically inconvenient. it also means the user cannot reposition without getting out of it and picking it up again again taking more time and effort than realistically necessary.

the current system is also a metaphor for deploying on the infinite amount of things you should be able to irl. unfortunately to do that with this system would mean extra coding for hundreds of objects which a player might want to and should be able to deploy on.

this system has been tried in other mods and i personally feel it's a lot of extra complexity for very little benefit.

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Old 2012-01-10, 03:47   #85
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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

I like the idea of portable mortars, though. There could be a specialized kit, limited to 1-2 per team. In the kit there would be standard weapons, and a deployable mortar. It would be short range and have less ammo and be less accurate, but it could be set up quicker and be useful in certain situations. Also, to prevent lonewolves, it would have to be used in the presence of a SL.

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Old 2012-01-10, 11:26   #86

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

well Shock, this means you lose two guys setting up a hmg somewhere on the map, you can only hope these guys have joined a squad instead of setting up a two-man 1337hMG-squad, and if they have joined a regular squad it'll require a hell of a lot of planning to set these things up effectively, and then rearm these guys if the squad moves on, or getting them new kits.

I guess this hmg-kit will have not much else, probably not even a standard rifle, meaning the squad will lose a lot of firepower.

and if a whole squad is present when the hmg position is dug, then why not set up a fob as well?

I do love the idea of more flexible position building... perhaps something with combat engineers? (has probably been discussed in length in this thread but I'm in quite a hurry)
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Old 2012-01-10, 17:14   #87

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

IF the system has not made further progress since the videos in OP I am against introducing this as the Squad Automatic Weapon. As it is today it already takes a more than average SL and/or AR-operator for it to be REALLY effective in the way it is supposed to be. I really enjoy putting my AR in a covering position and advance but this system would take even more time in planing and limit the usefulness drastically imo.


HOWEVER as a completely new Machine-Gunner kit, as said before, it could be really sweet. For that two people were needed and the MG could only be set-up/reloaded when the 2nd guy is x meters close to the MG operator as he would carry his ammunition and spot for him IRL if I am not miss understanding this. Pretty sure some Python could make that possible. Obviously you need at least 4 guys in the squad with the two being MG-operators as said before.


ANYWAY I'd love to see sth. like this to be deployed around a FOB
Quick thinking brings up sth. like this:

1 crate - FOB
2 crates - these machine guns (small caliber; high rof) to be put in window frames and alike.
3/4 crates - HMGs (.50) and all the other stuff


1 crate - FOB
+ any other crate gives the option for one/two more assets each (2 small MGs, 1 HMG, 1 TOW or 1 AA, 2 wires, etc.)

This would simulate that the stuff needed for every of these is stored in one single crate. I always find it kinda funny that there is 2 HMGs, 1 TOW, 1 AA and lots and lots of sandbags and barbed wire in the 2nd crate
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Old 2012-01-10, 19:11   #88

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

for insurgents could be a great deal ... since they cant deploy any effective defensive weapons .( the insurgent tow its really crappy)
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Old 2012-01-10, 20:12   #89

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun

Originally Posted by [R-CON]Salmonella View Post
The scoped MGs, in my opinion became the most lethal and versatile weapon in the game.
being able to overcome all other infantry, snipers at longe range, riflemans at closed combat, and even cars MGs.

Someone can argue, "in real life they DO have this capability", but in real life, no one can fire such heavy weapon with this deadly accuracy while standing, even after minutes of "stabilization"

So the point is, the scoped MG are real deadly and accurate, but ONLY when fired from a appropriated emplacement

So, i started to do some tweaks in the existing files, to create a more realistic behavior to the MG.

The soldier must deploy the weapon on a suitable surface, like windows, vehicles, ground etc., and then enter the weapon.
The mg still has it real life capabilities, but now, with real-life deployment issues.
Wow looks good

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Old 2012-01-11, 13:20   #90

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Default Re: Real Deployable Machine Gun this gonna work in the tight enviroment(mostly heavily urbanized) on insurgency maps?

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deployable, gun, machine, real, suggestion
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