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25 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default PRTA Manhunt Event - Op. Gang Ridge | 18:00 PRT, 28th OCTOBER 2017

Manhunt - Op. Gang Ridge

PRTA Presents: Manhunt | 18:00 PRT, 28th OCTOBER 2017

Server: PRTA | EU - Manhunt
Server Password: manhunt
Map: Muttrah, Hill 488, Op. Barracuda
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT, 28th OCTOBER2017


Vietnamese prisoners are brought out of their cells to have a chance at their freedom! Not so easy as it sounds, though. Between them and freedom stands a group of lethal soldiers with orders to kill on sight.

Choose your side in the hunt - Join the hunted to have a shot at your freedom or join the hunters on a powertrip like no other, with thrilling experience guaranteed on both sides!

Rules & Objectives

The task is really simple. The criminals need survive for 35 minutes. The hunters need to prevent that from happening.

Players can volunteer to be hunters and they are picked by the gamemasters at approximate ratio of 1 hunter for 7 criminals. They start the hunt from the main base at round start. Hunters may use all avaliable weapons (Except AT and defensive classes) and should be present on PRTA Discord Vehicles may be used for transportation purposes, unless specified otherwise. DoD is disabled for both teams, granting no "safe" place to hide.

Criminals must drop their immediately upon spawning. Only the criminals who survive after the 35 minute mark are free from captivity. No vehicles may be used by criminals.

Both teams can respawn after they die but not leave the main base until the round is over or interfere with the ongoing round in any way. Respawn time has been greatly prolonged to avoid spam.

Although the event does not feature sign-ups of any kind, gamemasters should be respected at all times. Not complying to the rules is a kickable offense and is detrimental to the enjoyment of others.

There are no other rules (except standard PRTA Server Rules), so the outcome is completely in the hands of the teams.

Author's Notes

Muttrah will be a warm-up repeat of the last one we did. This time the crew can disembark to search through buildings at their will.

Hill 488 will be a sneaky night situation and Op. Barracuda as some kind of vietnam-era Alcatraz. Both guarantee intense fun in different styles.

Event is not limited just to one round per map.
The event will also feature the revised, more lethal damage model featured in One-Life events.

Feedback after the event would be much appreciated and can be posted here: PRTA Manhunt events feedback

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Default Re: PRTA Manhunt Event - Op. Gang Ridge | 18:00 PRT, 28th OCTOBER 2017

Except AT and defensive classes
What is defensive classes kit?

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Heavy Death

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Default Re: PRTA Manhunt Event - Op. Gang Ridge | 18:00 PRT, 28th OCTOBER 2017

HAT, AP, Engi, Crewman.

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