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17 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR In-Game Tactics and Strategies In-game tactics guides from the community.

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Default IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

This thread is reserved for an tutorial about the IEDs. The IEDs are updated after .87, this was a big nerf for the pipebomb IED and gave the BLUFOR some more space to move. In the following days I will finish this thread and try to explain you where, when, how and again how you can be effective with IEDs.

What will I show you;

- The technical aspects of the 3 types of IEDs. (I might include claymores too)
- The "material" effects of these IEDs.
- The psychological effects of IEDs.
- How to use them to make use of these effects.
- When to make the right decision.
- How it still can be effective when you stop doing it in the middle of the round.
- How you can make use of your surroundings.

This evening the first part will be posted here, if you want to give your input post it, but please don't be an idiot we already have enough of them. For examples I will also lead you to my topic in "tales from the front" where you can see the effects of IEDs.

The technical aspects

First of all there are 3 types of IEDs, you have pipebomb IEDs, artillery IEDs and proximity IEDs also known as "mines".

- The pipebomb IED

The pipebomb IED can be found in either the standard sapper kit or the rifleman AP kit in the taliban/militia faction. The standard sapper has 2 trigger groups, I am not sure about the rifleman AP but it definitely has enough explosives to be effective. On each trigger group you can set 5 IEDs. So make sure you count them right. You also want to make sure where you have placed which trigger group so you don't blow up the wrong one when a blast is needed. The pipebomb IED is not effective against vehicles, many light vehicles survive direct hits. The pipebomb is very effective against infantry, you can either use them to kill or wound them. It's also a weapon that is noticeable by the contrast of the colours, but since they are pretty small, you can hide them in cheeky spots. They dissappear when the kit is gone, so don't lose your kit!

- The artillery IED

The artillery IED also known as "Arty IEDs" are the most effective IEDs ingame. It can be found in the taliban/militia engineer kit (request able) and they spawn in most of the insurgent mainbases. A interesting fact is that on operation Archer a few kits can be found with arty IEDs near the taliban vehicle spawn. The arty IEDs have a huge blast radius for PR standards and are very effective against vehicles except tanks, these need some more of them. It is also effective against low flying or even high flying helicopters (further explained later on) You can place more than one of course, you have the ability to place 5 arty IEDs per trigger group. The engineers only have one trigger group, correct me if I am wrong, and the pick-up kit has 2 trigger groups. The arty IEDs also blend in pretty well with the Iraqi/afghan roads and are also hard to spot in the Russian tall grass. So hiding is not really necessary. They disappear when the kit is gone, so don't lose your kit!

- The proximity IED

The proximity IED also known as the "mine" or "land mines" are very effective against both enemy as friendly vehicles, so always mark them (press Q and left mouse button when planting) and make sure your supply lines aren't mined by these little devils. The proximity IED can be found in all sapper kits and the the engineer kits. You can place up to 3 mine MARKERS, so don't start spamming these everywhere, place them concentrated. You can place up to 30 mines which will disappear after 20 minutes since your last death unless you retrieve the kit. The mines have a 5 second arm time, so when you get caught placing it, the chance is big that they won't be effective. The mines don't blend in with the ground so place them under rocks, behind hills or in the tall grass. But when placing these close to your supply lines make them visible for your mates.

The material effects of the IED

- Pipebomb IEDs
The pipebomb IED is effective against infantry, they can be used to blow up compounds and blow up bridges although you need a lot of them. When using these against light vehicles make sure you have more than one set because light vehicles only start smoking after a direct impact from one IED.

- Arty IEDs
The arty IED is effective against all kinds of vehicles, vessels and aircraft when used in the right way. One arty IED will kill a light vehicle in a 30 meter radius. It will blow up armoured vehicles in a 10 meter radius sometimes or even further away. But with one arty IED the odds are big that the vehicle will explode after several seconds, so make sure the crew doesn't kill you. If you want a bigger effective radius, place two or more arty IEDs in a wider area with 30 meters between them, giving you a bigger chance of killing BLUFOR forces. You can use them to blow up bridges, compounds and even your own cache, so make sure they are not to close! When using these arty IEDs as anti-infantry make sure you blow it up when it's really needed otherwise man up and start shooting. By the way, tanks such as the Abrahams can survive one or two arty IEDs. So when you want to IED it, make sure you got 5 IEDs in a small area of 20 by 20 meters spread around it or place it under a bridge to make it swim!

- Proximity IEDs
The proximity IED also known as "mine" is only effective against vehicles or in some cases against vessels (Kokan). The fact that you never know where they are make it an effective weapon explained further on. They can take out tanks, but since they have a five second arm time, there is a chance that they survive it when you place them under their tracks.

The psychological effects of IEDs.

Psychological warfare is underrated in the mod. It is actually a huge factor, think about the fact that everyone starts sneaking for cover when under sniper fire, it is an effect that is caused mainly because you are scared. You are scared about the fact that you could be killed in one hit by an enemy you don't see. With IEDs it is the same case. APC drivers, tank drivers, infantry even pilots in some case are constantly aware of the fact that they could be blow up by IEDs every moment. This can cause a lot of things for example they start to move up very slowly. Giving you valuable time to setup hideouts or defensive positions. It can also cause them to draw more troops away from the front for EOD missions. Giving you a better chance to win the game. So constant fear is a psychological effect another one is losing awareness because you are constantly aware of IEDs and not of troop movement. The biggest effect that is not mainly psychological but comes out of the fear issue is restricting the area use able for vehicles. Because when you made a casualty on a certain crossroad, the enemy team will probably not use that crossroad again for a while or approach it with such a speed that you buy more time for your team. So you can actually denies them a whole area to be used by armored vehicles. For infantry almost the same case, when you have made the first casualty by either pipebombs or nadetraps, they will pay more attention to it giving you an advantage.

The effect that is the most in their disadvantage is suspecting anything, when a BLUFOR squads gets blown up or almost they'll start shooting at everything they see, sometimes at nothing, sometimes at civilians, or at you in the worst case. Same thing for APCs and other vehicles. They run out of ammo constantly, so they need to keep going back and forward giving you an opportunity to blow them up when they are RTBing. When you actually do this, you'll even scare them more than ever because you actually managed to blow them in their "safe zone". So maybe they pull back their armour and go on foot giving you again a better chance to win the game. When you do this for example on Archer by ambushing both exit roads they' ll start using chinooks for transport and the APCs need to drive such big distances that the round is often decided before they arrive. All these effects open a window of opportunity to strike even harder.

So how do you make use of these effects? Well first of all you need to kill them once to make them more aware of the IED thread. Then you start to anticipate on their movements, so maybe you need to replace your ambush or not, because maybe they think lightning never strikes twice, well look the video below to see that it does strike twice.

Now the most difficult or let's say the most time-conserving thing about this is tactics, setting up the ambush and wait.

So as stated before in many other tutorials you want to place your IED by a route (a road isn't even necessary) that enemy uses to travel frequently. You place it up here in the middle of the route when possible, in cities this is even easier since you have some trees or landmarks in the middle of the road. By placing your IED in the middle you can cover the most ground. But when it is out of your deadly range, let's say 30 meters, try to get a second IED to finish the vehicle off. Hide it below rocks, near the sidewalk or in a building next to the street when possible. When placing it at bridges, try to place it under the bridge so the vehicle will actually sink instead of explode. Now we will get into the more difficult tactics for the people that want to take it a step higher.

1- The Anticipate IED
For example, you have a cache in the south side of Al-Basrah. Enemy vehicles will often travel towards the dike road that's going from east to west on the south side of the road. These vehicles often mount up there to suppress and kill people near the cache. What you can do is place 1 or more IEDs (Use the trigger groups!) on this road where they will probably stand still. Now you just need to wait until a vehicle will stop there. By doing this you "abuse" their tactics against them.

2- The travel IED
It is almost like the two tactics mentioned above, but this time you place your IED as close as you can to their main base and you use the road they'll most likely use to get to the cache area. You hit them whenever possible holding them for a while and you let them lose their tickets if you hit a vehicle, the advantage of this tactic is that you'll hit them on the move and when they are not-focused yet when the IED is setup close to their main.

3- The square IED
This one requires a lot of ammo and protection of others. You'll rig up a whole square or crossroad by placing the IEDs in a square and one in the middle of it (5 IEDs in total) this one is very useful against choppers and tanks. You can either cover a lot of ground or hit the heavy-vehicles without giving them a chance to get away.

Tomorrow I will place the next part, if you think it is useful don't be shy to thank me.

We are staying up!
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

I might need some people to help me with tutorials in the form of reinacted clips or so, any volenteers?

We are staying up!
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

Originally Posted by B.Pronk(NL) View Post
I might need some people to help me with tutorials in the form of reinacted clips or so, any volenteers?
PRTA media team is making a dedicated video series to cover most things in PR. But as this is quite a big project we could use some help. PM me on if you want to help.

edit: we are not recording clips yet, we are first making all the storyboards for the different videos.

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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

About the Arty IED, I have exploded one in a cache and it didn't explode.
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

Originally Posted by SShadowFox View Post
About the Arty IED, I have exploded one in a cache and it didn't explode.
I would still not recommend them near a cache for teamwork reasons, you don't want to blow up all your cover while your team is there. I think you understand the point.

We are staying up!
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

I approve of this thread, especially the pyshological effect given!

I can relate to myself with hiding from snipers etc, might even duck slightly below the screen IRL. xD

Anyways, great stuff!
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

nice thread for starting players...
btw 1 good hit of an Artillery ied wil track the tank for sure and 2 ied as u said will kill it. atleast i killed a lot of them that way
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

0:26 and 2:06 Perfect examples of AA-IEDs, 1:44 AntiNaval-IED, and an opportunity to promote my Youtube channel.
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

Originally Posted by DNA9881 View Post

0:26 and 2:06 Perfect examples of AA-IEDs, 1:44 AntiNaval-IED, and an opportunity to promote my Youtube channel.
Thanks mate, that is really what I meant, I use those tricks all the time when I play Kokan, but on Karbala I have even a better tactic, but I still need the opportunity to film it!

We are staying up!
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Default Re: IEDs, the ins and outs of it [Tips, Tricks & Aspects]

It takes about 4 Artillery IEDs within about 50-75m to kill a cache, so as long as you don't place 4 so close then you should be good. Keep in mind though that they still damage the cache, making it easier for ninjas/suicidal US fanatics to kill it with only one thermite. Pipebombs are well used in close proximity to certain caches where there are chokepoints for the BLUFOR, such as caves and non-destructible buildings with single or double entrances. Simply make sure you are able to see the entrance to the choke point and out of range in order to effectively cover the entrance. Multiple groups of IEDs are highly effective at chokepoints, often medics will attempt to smoke and heal the casualties of your first group which allows you to gain extra kills with the second group and assure the first kills remain dead-dead. Grenade traps are also highly effective, when you can place them in chokepoints that allows your own team to see them but not the BLUFOR team. One example would be Korengal caves, where there are often piles of logs in the caves you must jump over to gain entrance (beware though, grenade traps do not discriminate teams and you will usually have at least one troll on your team with shortterm memory who insists on running the same trap over multiple times, in the same spot). Also remember, when placing nade traps the wire's range extends beyond its visual appearance, you do not need to place the wire so it entirely covers the door, or even so it is visible through the doorway. Place the grenade traps so the wire's tip touches the edge of the door frame. When placing IEDs, it is important to know how and if they "stick" to walls. For example, the artillery IED's dropping motion often dosen't allow for placing them on ceilings where the BLUFOR forces won't see them, but the pipebombs are able to be thrown in odd spots (ceilings) where they are harder to see and provide maximum blast effect, so that objects on the ground do not provide BLUFOR forces cover. Claymores are a directional blast weapon with minimal damage to vehicles, their only really useful role is to protect single entrance chokepoints (caves) and to secure an area temporarily, such as a FOB being built (Note, Claymores can do immense damage to caches, even if placed facing away from the cache).

In regards to the artillery IEDs and pilots, this is a HIGHLY effective tactic against low flying pilots. Often, new pilots who have watched too much Blackhawk Down insist on flying at 30m high like 160th SOAR. However, this leads to their ultimate demise, because it allows for easier targeting by AA and large blast radius weapons. A favorite tactic of mine on Karbala is to grab the hidden artillery IED and use a civi car with an RPG guy on it to bait the Kiowa pilots (I only use this when I notice they like to fly under 200m, the civi car guys are all willing martyrs). I place the artillery IED under the car with the RPG guy ontop, and wait for the Kiowa pilot to dive after the car, at about 75m altitude I blow the IED and kill the Kiowas. It also works if you notice, for example, a Blackhawk pilot who goes the same route every time and does it flying low, simply place an artillery IED along the flight path and blow it.

Static anti-tank mines (the green/gray ones) are best used under rocks (trash piles) and areas where vehicles make sharp turns (street corners on Fallujah for example). Anyone taking a turn too quickly will hit the mines, and if they go too slow it makes it easy pickings for a trained RPG team.

Final tip, when placed on destructible objects, IEDs will explode once the destructible object is destroyed. Light poles on fallujah and doors which can be shotgunned open are common examples, or walls which can be run over by vehicles. Simply place IEDs on these destructible walls and you will not need to be in the area and you will not need to detonate them yourself, if the enemy shotguns the doors/runs over the walls/shoots the building/etc. these IEDs will blow instantly. Good on Fallujah, US guys LOVE to shotgun the doors and will be instantly blown up, allows for inattentiveness to the doors and a focus on protecting the walls from rope guys.

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aspects, ieds, ins, outs, tips, tricks
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