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26 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality WWII modification.

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Old 2015-12-31, 17:09   #1
Thumbs up [Suggestion please do for PR:ww2!]

Hi i am a senior Project reality bf2 player and i love the game it is so addicting and fun thanks so much for putting it out in standalone now!! The one thing i had a sad face for though in playing PR was the lack of blood and gore! I noticed when you die and someone sees your body you look black and dead-like which is nice. But i reallllllllly reaaallllyyy would absolutely love some gibs or atleast some more visuals on the blood leakage from getting a round in your chest in PR:ww2 if it could have a RO.2 feeling to it oh good grief, this game would win best realistic fps 2016! best of luck with the project though, and dont give up! happy new years.
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Old 2016-01-01, 23:54   #2
Default Re: [Suggestion please do for PR:ww2!]

Does any testers know if its possible for this to be integrated in the PR:ww2? it looks like it can be added to a game for extra detail and gibs but is it possible for something like this to work in PR-ww2?!/content/34176


Edit:just wanted to add that i think something like this would be awesome cause it would really give people a sense of what war was like and it brings the game more to life in my opinion, for example if you were rushing a small building with a squad of 5 and a grenade comes out of nowhere and blows the legs off one of your team mates you really get that feeling of war and it gives you a skill boost in my opinion to put a bullet in the enemies head! love the blood splatter from getting shot though great job and i cant wait to see the announce date!
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Old 2016-01-02, 01:39   #3
Default Re: [Suggestion please do for PR:ww2!]

Keep in mind PR uses the Battlefield 2 engine, and I'm 99% sure something like can't be implemented.
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Old 2016-01-02, 05:36   #4
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Sorry but not going to happen. lets be real here. Firstly its a really old engine, so we cant just use body and ragdoll templates from anywhere. The same goes for effects. Secondly, and iirc we had blood effects in the past, its not the look were going for in the mod. There's a 1001 things we wish we could add, but tis' and old game.

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