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23 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: PR Guide: Tips & Tricks

One thing that has been bothering and worrying me, since it happens more often than you think, it's that when we are either defending or attacking, it's that I ran out of bullets, and I say on mumble + on common rose that I am reloading. The next thing I see is that the guy next to me is doing it as well! So there you have it, there are 2 soldiers "out of order".

It is hard to coordinate a reload, but team members must be careful and pay attention when reloading as it can affect an attack or a defense.

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Default Re: PR Guide: Tips & Tricks

99% of squads have mediocre communications even on the most important things let alone on more specific details as timings for reload/resupply/recharge.

Same thing applies to movement and stamina, even if you want to synchronize it within the squad it will always be almost impossible. For reloads and resupplies it would first require the players to have self-awareness of their ammo-count (using the hud gives you an idea about it) and of others ammo status which, once again, is almost impossible.

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Default Re: PR Guide: Tips & Tricks

Originally Posted by Onil View Post
Listen to him, Onil is one of the best PR professionals out there, when it comes down to tactical infantry gameplay.

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