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22 Jan 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:F Suggestions Suggestions from our community members.

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Old 2012-08-31, 18:54   #1

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Default idear

Good afternoon Rhino , and good afternoon to all.

I have some idea , but it s general idea , on the game himself.

If my post is not good you can take it of , no problem.

1/ I like to have a dingy have to transport some create , for the islands perhaps it s good.
a) For the create , can we install some detector , for see the position of create on map.
b) For the truck , is it possible to take back the create in truck for a second using .

2/ We have slam on PR , can we have it back on Farkland.

3/ Can we have some parachutist system , exemple : one squad take all pilot kit , and go into helicoptere , and drop behind enemy line , from the air .
The pilot back with create for change kit.

For the moment thats all

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Old 2012-08-31, 19:08   #2

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Default Re: idear

1 - I think nope, also I think it isn't possible to mark a crate on the map if it can roll down if dropped on a hill or house top.

2 - We have? Are you talking about the SLAM Mine? We don't have it.

3 - NO, this isn't the point of PR, also ask for Rhino if there was para-drops on the war, also people abuse it in Silent Eagle for example, they spawn with the Spawn Screen kits, get in a Huey, para-drop, and are able to fight against any enemies until the Huey comes back and drop a crate.

[R-DEV]Spec:The suggestion is not accepted, I merely wanted to comment.
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Old 2012-08-31, 19:21   #3
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: idear

1. In r/l the Brits landed at San Carlos, and ingame they are already landed there, with the vehicle reload point and trucks spawning there. There was a small landing at Fitzroy later on in the battle but that went tits up.
As such, I can't see any reason why in terms of historical accuracy to do this, gameplay it wouldn't really offer anything and the workload would be massive.

2. I don't see what place it has here, it wasn't in the real Falklands war, it was made in 1992 and would have no real gameplay purpose either?

3. Paradrops didn't feature during this war so I don't see any reason why to add them?

Originally Posted by SShadowFox View Post
2 - We have? Are you talking about the SLAM Mine? We don't have it.
We use to have one in PR many years ago but it was removed.

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Old 2012-08-31, 21:28   #4

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Default Re: idear

Ok boss no problem
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