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Old 2011-07-30, 11:19   #1
Default [Win 7] [Solved] copied BF2 folder to other comp - unstable & texture issues

Hello all,

I copied my whole BF2 folder (incl. installed PR) to my laptop. Also coped registry entries.
everything works but...

1. game seems to be a bit more unstable than on computer where installed normal way.
(started BF2 vanilla first to let BF2 write default profile, then PR)

2. some textures are not displayed - objects appear black (mostly supply crate textures)

Is there anything I missed to do for copying the whole thing?
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Old 2011-07-30, 22:37   #2

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Default Re: copied BF2 folder to other comp - unstable & texture issues

Objects appearing black sounds like you should clear the bf2 shader cache.

Originally Posted by
Clearing Shader Optimizations: When you change the graphical settings or install a new patch, BF2 attempts to optimize the shaders used in the game for the best performance on your particular hardware. These optimized files are stored in your \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache\ directory in XP or \[username]\Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache\ in Vista. If you've changed your settings several times, I recommend you finalize your changes, close BF2, go to the above directory and delete everything under the \cache\ directory. The next time you start the game and play single or multiplayer, your shaders will be optimized again. Close BF2 one more time, defragment your hard drive, and now things should be much smoother and load much faster the next time you go to play BF2.

Got a PROBLEM? Check this: PR:BF2 Installation Guide

Got a common QUESTION? check here first: PR:BF2 FAQ, MUMBLE FAQ

"Hello, IT! ... Yes, have you tried turning it on and off again?"
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Old 2011-08-01, 11:50   #3
Default Re: copied BF2 folder to other comp - unstable & texture issues

that helped - thanks!
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