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16 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2010-06-10, 17:30   #1

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Default [0917] Silent Eagle - Missing terrain

Hi there, a week ago or so I noticed that the H8K3/6/9 area of the map and further north had a big 'hole' in the terrain. It's just on the border of being out of bounds for the map.

There are textures that indicate a smooth ride, but it's a huge invisible hole instead. Lost a darn TOW Hummv because of it. If needed I'll try to get some screenshots later on.

'Twas the standard 64 layout with helis and aircraft.

In game name: NateBlack0
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Old 2010-06-10, 17:55   #2

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Default Re: [0917] Silent Eagle - Missing terrain


MASSIVE random ditch just situated north of Tunnel Complex.

I drove a logi truck into it and flipped it.


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Old 2010-07-15, 11:16   #3

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Default Re: [0917] Silent Eagle - Missing terrain

Update with more accurate location and pictures.

So when you drive on the border of the map in H7 k3/6/9 there is like a visual borderline between being out of combat or in the map. The clue being the different level of detail on terrain textures. And where those two types of textures meet, there is a small ditch, 1-3 meters deep, but just before that ditch is actually a invisible canyon that will trap you and your vehicle. See pictures.

In game name: NateBlack0
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