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15 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-12-12, 23:15   #1

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Default Khamisiyah Insurgency, Diamond in the rough

First of all many people including myself enjoy the ambition of crossing over Insurgency with conventional factions in such a map, so kudos to whoever's idea that was, but unfortunately there is one glaringly big flaw with this layer and thats Balance. One good CAS squad alone will make assets almost unplayable for MEC despite their best efforts, this has been the case in nearly every round I've played of this mode. One Gaskin and some short lived AA emplacements just doesn't come close too cutting it, MEC needs a serious AA buff like a bonus tunguska or shilkas especially to threaten the Kiowas which can often get the edge over the single gaskin.

The second conflict of balance comes with the armor, now for the record im totally supportive of the Americans having far superior armored forces but attrition for MEC armored units is predictably horrendous. This would be understandable except for the fact they still have to wait 20 minutes or 15 minutes to roll out there trashcans on wheels, I think 5 minute lower spawn times for APCs and tanks would be a godsend for Asset squads on MEC team, as it stands I've yet too see MEC asset squads not disintegrate from rage quits and frustration. CAS/AA balance and better spawn situations would defently make assets appealing for MEC.

Finally one of the biggest problems I have with this layer is the artificial balance. 5 caches is a lot and even if the US team is absolutely steamrolling the MEC the map drags out excessively, add to the fact the map is 4kms if the US team has no intel on the next cache it can become a serious drag searching around for MEC to kill. Most INS maps with 5 caches are fluid urban maps with near constant combat, but with 4km of desert it can easily become an uneventful cat and mouse chase just to get a few intel points. I think a bigger struggle for the US and less caches will always be a preferable alternative to the MEC relying on the US slowly bleeding out in protracted hunts for intel to win, instead of actually besting them in combat.

All in all though its a cool unique layer and has a lot of potential, balance is the only thing holding it back from being one of the greats.

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Old 2018-12-13, 05:06   #2
Default Re: Khamisiyah Insurgency, Diamond in the rough

its not a diamond at all, it doesnt have terrain favoring asymmetric combat and ends up being a meatgrinder. abrams gunners get over 80 kills on this layer regularly. mec has no chance and usually just gets owned. the only reason this map gets voted is because players who whore assets dont like regular ins maps.

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Default Re: Khamisiyah Insurgency, Diamond in the rough

May be, a desert storm would lower visibility.

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Old 2018-12-14, 03:07   #4

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Default Re: Khamisiyah Insurgency, Diamond in the rough

Originally Posted by anantdeathhawk View Post
May be, a desert storm would lower visibility.
Thats actually a really good idea

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diamond, insurgency, khamisiyah, rough
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