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30 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Modding Tutorials Information and tutorials related to modding BF2.

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Default Default .desc file content

When you create a new map in BF2Editor, it will create a .desc file with your map's filename in the Info folder. The content inside this file is usually a badly formatted mess containing remnants of vBF2 stuff.
This thread offers a properly formatted .desc containing all possible sizes and gamemodes in Project Reality without unnecessary content such as briefing entry etc.
Copy it over and edit to your needs, removing unwanted gamemodes/sizes.

	<name> YOURMAPNAMEHERE </name>
	<music> common/sound/menu/music/load/YOURMUSICHERE.ogg </music>
		<mode type="gpm_cq">
			<maptype players="16" type="aasinfantry" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_aasinfantry"></maptype>
			<maptype players="32" type="aasalternative" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_aasalternative"></maptype>
			<maptype players="64" type="aasfullassets" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_aasfullassets"></maptype>
			<maptype players="128" type="aaslarge" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_aaslarge"></maptype>
		<mode type="gpm_vehicles">
			<maptype players="16" type="vehiclewarfare" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_vehiclewarfare"></maptype>
			<maptype players="32" type="vehiclewarfare" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_vehiclewarfare"></maptype>
			<maptype players="64" type="vehiclewarfare" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_vehiclewarfare"></maptype>
			<maptype players="128" type="vehiclewarfare" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_vehiclewarfare"></maptype>
		<mode type="gpm_skirmish">
			<maptype players="16" type="skirmish" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_skirmish"></maptype>
			<maptype players="32" type="skirmish" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_skirmish"></maptype>
			<maptype players="64" type="skirmish" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_skirmish"></maptype>
			<maptype players="128" type="skirmish" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_skirmish"></maptype>
		<mode type="gpm_insurgency">
			<maptype players="16" type="insurgency" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_insurgency"></maptype>
			<maptype players="32" type="insurgency" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_insurgency"></maptype>
			<maptype players="64" type="insurgency" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_insurgency"></maptype>
			<maptype players="128" type="insurgency" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_insurgency"></maptype>
		<mode type="gpm_cnc">
			<maptype players="16" type="cnc" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_cnc"></maptype>
			<maptype players="32" type="cnc" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_cnc"></maptype>
			<maptype players="64" type="cnc" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_cnc"></maptype>
			<maptype players="128" type="cnc" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_cnc"></maptype>
		<mode type="gpm_coop">
			<maptype ai="1" players="16" type="coopinfantry" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_coopinfantry"></maptype>
			<maptype ai="1" players="32" type="coopalternative" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_coopalternative"></maptype>
			<maptype ai="1" players="64" type="coopfullassets" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_coopfullassets"></maptype>
			<maptype ai="1" players="128" type="coopfulllarge" locid="GAMEMODE_DESCRIPTION_coopfulllarge"></maptype>

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Default Re: Default .desc file content

this really helps a lot sir , thank you for this
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