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Old 2009-06-17, 22:15   #11

0blivi0us's Avatar
Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

I think the biggest annoyance to me for kashan or any map for that matter is Transport Helo's sometimes 6 at a time (muttrah for example) Are just waiting there whilest we have 3 firebases spread over the map.
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Old 2009-06-25, 23:29   #12
=ice= siggi

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Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

it is much beter to support the team than be wating at main until the tank (asset) respawns
and if i where to wait at main i would bore myself to death
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Old 2009-06-26, 02:26   #13
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Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

ussualy when i get taken out i get frustrated and plan revenge on who killed me so i get HAT and go look for the guys who killed me

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Old 2009-08-12, 12:35   #14

=(DK)=stoffen_tacticalsup's Avatar
Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

When someone tries to take a BMP-3 from my dedicated squad, I summeraly execute them.
When íts any other vehicle its not that big a deal. But try to take my beloved bmp and Ill hunt you down and kill you.

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Old 2009-08-12, 12:56   #15
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Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

it depends heavily on the map and vehicle.
on kashan, if you are driving a bmp, might be worth waiting. the insertion times here are usually long and it takes a while to get back. also others might steal your vehicles.
if you are in an apc on muttrah however, go for it. you can be in on the action in 2 minutes.
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Old 2009-08-12, 13:18   #16

Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

Same goes for waiting for the air assets at the start really, go get a chopper lift to the first flag and help cap that faster, then go back to main and wait for the last few minutes.

If its the 32 version that's 4 guys + any spotter you might have, it pretty much frees up another squad to move somewhere else, and can give you an edge in the race against time that is felt most keenly at the map start.

However it needs good admining to prevent both asset stealing and assets hogging (the 'apc' squad off sniping whilst APC sit unused in main making no attempt to get back then crying when they're taken type scenario).

Difficult to admin though, but if enough people have a bit of common sense, and can abide by the odd gentlemens' agreement when it comes to asset use it works out best for the team as a whole.

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Old 2009-08-12, 14:05   #17

smart_boy00's Avatar
Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

I agree with the point of this post but i have to play devils advocate here.....

I have been in a server where I listed myself as APC/Transport and as soon as I got blown up / had to leave APC because it was disabled I was almost instantly kicked by an admin with a power trip who said I was on the ground as infantry and should not call my squad APC. Before I could even get the words out on the screen I got kicked and the message said Kicked for disobeying admin. Now I would have normally gone back in and argued with the admin in this point and at least explain the reason why I was requesting another kit and not sitting at the base waiting. I have had several other times when the naming conventions of my squad has created problems. If im infantry and im part of the SNAFU squad then why cant I say SNAFU INFT ? any way....

Other than the radical actions taken by that one server admin (don’t remember server or admin.’s name btw) I would say I agree 100% with people not waiting around for chopper / tank / cars/ anything. If you can walk then walk! the maps are big yes but not to big that you can't huff it.

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Old 2010-02-24, 22:03   #18
Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

This post goes out to all you tankers out there, i just wanted to thank you all for your pathetic existance! I love you!

Standing and waiting for 20 mins in main for tank respawn?
Some players tend to behave this way yes...
Is it really that hard to figure out why?

The simple expilation to such behaviour is "They are noobs".
They fucking SUCK! They can't play as an infantry man!!!!!!

Only noobs get in a fucking piece of shit tank in the first place, they are good for nothing idiotic noobs who wouldn't last a second as an infantry man on the front.

Tanks in PR are for noobs and noobs only, same as APC's
(When they are used for whoring like always instead of transport)
They can run away when ever they want like cowards, they usualy don't die from one rocket hit, they have a fucking x 100000000000 zoom so that they won't have to aim, they just turn their entire screen into an enemys head and left click and go "OMG YAAY!! Im so fucking pro, i can click on heads at the size of my entire screen"....

Pathetic... Tanks and apc whoring noobs are all so damn pathetic!

But i thank god that they exist because there is nothing more fun than owning these idiots with RPGs, IEDs and MINEs.

Seriously, taking down these x 10000000 zooming noobs with 8 second settle time RPGs or tacticaly placed mines and IEDs actualy requiers atleast a LITTLE bit of fucking brains and skill. It's way more of a challenge, i seriously don't understand how people who plays PR can use tanks, the whole point of PR is the HARDCORE challenge it brings, PR is HARDCORE and provides exiting new harder challenges, there is nothing like it!

Using a tank or an apc to just whore around the map killing people at random only grants you a higher kill score and is basically the exakt same thing as whoring around in vanilla BF2, only you're way harder to kill, you have way more powerful weapons and your enemies have to use advanced tactics to stand a chanse...

Noobs, pathetic little tank noobs, THANK YOU for making my gaming experience so fun!!
PLEASE continue being pathetic morons!
More fun for us true infantry warriors, you provide many adrenalin rushes, many many happy times, laughs, some times i almost cry from laughing with my squad mates when i see your little bodies flying through the sky after we've blown your armour to pieces!

Once again, THANK YOU to all tankers out there.

User infraction'd for flaming.
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Old 2010-03-03, 04:37   #19

Chris_Redfield09's Avatar
Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

A whole squad sitting back at main waiting for an asset to spawn is a waste of manpower, especially if it is going to be a long wait. They could be up at the front at least supporting other squads. But I do believe it is also a waste of resources when a squad does switch to an infantry role, instead of waiting for an asset, leaves, then that asset spawns and sits for another 10 minutes not being used. So I only want to caution the asset squads that do decide to move out as infantry, be sure to have some type of ride back arranged.
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Old 2010-03-14, 09:00   #20
Default Re: Your tank is dead, what now?

I do agree that taking APCs or tanks and going off on your own is really stupid, and does not add any value to the team.

APCs are not to be used as light tanks, but heavy fire support allowing infantry to maneuvre and trnsporting infantry safely to their destination. Using the long range of the APCs to cover infantry movement costs the team less tickets and promote teamwork.

Working with the infantry squads as a tank or APC is mandatory for winning any battle, but it seems too many people as too used to lonewolfing it in CS or something.
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dead, tank
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