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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Old 2006-11-16, 21:15   #1

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Default [?] Statics

After some reasonably precise searching, I could not find anything on the matter - so I'll bring up the question.

the PR mod profile (mod manager in the Level Editor) doesnt have all of the mesh and level objects under its checklist, meaning I can make terrain, but thats about it.

Is there some cutting and pasting, or path editing which needs to be done to get the BF2 resources over to PR for map making?

(:NOTE: the BF2 objects list seems to be functioning fine, its PR's empty page which is the problem.)

Thanks for the answer, if any.

Infantry Forever
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Old 2006-11-16, 21:26   #2
Retired PR Developer

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I think you need to unzip the files into the same path as they are in the zips.

e.g after unzipping you should have


(in unzipped folders)

Then go into the editor, go to the plus sign in the resources window (add resource) and select the pr/objects/staticobjects folder and it should load them into the editor list....

I think thats what you want.
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Old 2006-11-16, 22:01   #3

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Default cheers

Seems to have worked out nice, thanks a bunch.

Infantry Forever
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Old 2006-11-17, 14:48   #4

V3N0N_br's Avatar

I m not sure, but i think you can also work in Bf2 mod anyway if you want, just toss PR statics into the BF2 folder (I mean, unziped files)

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