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22 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Re: Experiences of a PRT Commander

Franc is just a short-form for hotfranc.

I was only an NCO at the time so I don't know exactly what occurred but I *think* it was a joint effort to find a replacement CO, Norby searching probably with some help with management at the time. I dont think appointed is the right word I think Norby was involved the whole way through and certainly nothing was done without his consent or active involvement in regards to the team. Next time I see him on TS I'll ask a question or two and see what I can dig up.

ElMariachi was recruited from outside of the PRT, (he was a motable member of the NEW community.) I can't remember if casualty was already part of the team or not, and Age (short for Agemman) was actually serving as a member of the admin team at the time, he stepped down from that role to join EMF as oyr replacement CO but again I don't believe this was any management "appointment". Norby was at least very familiar with Age if not friends already and Age wouldve been totally fine at the position had real life been a little less demanding.

Danger was someone that a bunch of us had been trying to get involved with the PRT for the whole campaign before we finally convinced him and he stepped into the CO role where he rather prospered, vbeing a big reason EMF narrowly won the campaign and going on to be an SCO for C11. So he had been following the campaign fairly closely but not participating until then.

EDIT: Err Mongoose is right, this belongs in the thread he linked really, my apologies.

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