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Old 2008-09-01, 14:15   #1
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Default Enabling ports

I think my router is blocking some weird port numbers(if that is possible) because whenver I go on iGi for an example, I get Problem with your connection, then when I try and rejoin, it says Network problems, check your connection. This has also happened on battlearena So I was wondering, is there a way to unblock those ports, or is it a completely different cup of tea?

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Old 2008-09-01, 15:11   #2
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Default Re: Enabling ports

I run a DMZ on my router for my IP address, i lose the protection of the NAT firewall, but I have a firewall and antivirus on my computer anyways

you'll have to check ur router manual, but access the router via ur web browser, to do this you need its IP, by default its usually or and have a peep around

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