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Old 2010-01-25, 18:29   #1
Question [?] Enabling AI Commanders/S&D Gamemode?

Hi, I need help on making AI Commanders for Battlefield 2. It seems the only time there is a commander is when I apply for it, but I want AI Commanders so they can drop artillery and I can use Squad Support Requests. It seems as if there were AI commanders in earlier versions of battlefield 2, because I remember being arty'd when I tried to capture a flag...
I want both AI and Human Players (Me) To be able to apply as commander. I believe this takes some editing with the Python Scripts but im not really savvy with python editing. I like to play single player bf2, but no one seems to be able to help me with this issue.

Im also trying to make a search and destroy game mode, ive achieved this by editing the default server settings .con in my documents folder, to spawntime 99999999 with a time limit of 7 minutes, but I want to make it to where when the Time limit runs out, the round victors to the team with the least amount of deaths. it seems to only victor to the team that has the most tickets, or when all the control points are captured. I want to make it to where when one team is completely eliminated the round ends to the victor, OR when timelimit runs out the team with the least amount of deaths win I believe this also takes editing with python scripts. But I do not know how to do it, can someone please help me thanks!
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Old 2010-01-30, 18:33   #2
Default Re: [?] Enabling AI Commanders/S&D Gamemode?

Please someone help me, I dont know what I can do about the AI Commanders and the S&D gamemode... it would be great if someone knew.
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commanders or sandd, enabling, gamemode
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