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21 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default GAU-21

The remodel of the GAU-21 on the cashuey (and chinook iirc) looks great, however the rate of fire is incorrect at about 500RPM. The real life ROF is around 1000 RPM.

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Default Re: GAU-21

GAU-21 was never used on the UH-1N variant of the huey, so the firerate is correct.

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Default Re: GAU-21

The gun featured on the UH-1N in Project Reality is a standard M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun with barrel jacket perforations to allow for better heat dissipation as well as a reinforced receiver for prolonged use.Also being given the aircraft weapon designation of GAU-16.

The GAU-21 seems to be more commonly mounted to the UH-1Y Venom variant rather the the UH-1N "Twin Huey" but the sounds and firerate in-game are genuine:

The sounds of this GAU-16 though mounted in an Osprey is the same as the one mounted inside the UH-1N in Project Reality meaning that the sounds and fire-rate are also genuine.

The GAU-21 is present in game, however its mounted rather on the MV-22B as shown here and to compare it to its IRL counterpart.

as well as being listed in the games files as

M3M being FN Herstal's designation for weapon before being given the designation GAU-21

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Default Re: GAU-21

i stand corrected, i guess looks can be deceiving. thanks

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