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Old 2008-05-04, 01:27   #1

sakils2's Avatar
Question Battle for Haditha (movie)

Watch "Battle for Haditha" Movie, download Battleforhaditha - Watch Movies Online For Free Full Movie Downloads First of all I want to say that this is not a propaganda, I don't want to start some racist thread, I just want you to think and feel the same as I did.

Well, it is hard to tell my emotions, but I will try.
This movie made me think and ( I will not hide it) cry about that horror what I saw. It made me think about who is standing behind those insurgents and civilians sympathetic to the insurgency, who are brainwashing them. It made me think: Is that happening, can that be true ,and if it is, then who is standing behind it?
I just want You to think about it...
P.S. This movie will rip you're heart apart, it will make it explode (atleast my did). Maybe someone or everybody will think that I'm just stupid and a retard or something, but ,I guess, that is my problem...
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Old 2008-05-04, 01:40   #2

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been posted before, seen it on the TV a while ago

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Old 2008-05-04, 02:25   #3
ryan d ale

ryan d ale's Avatar

Sakils2 I can confirm your stupidity. I guess if the Red Dawn scenario appeared at your doorstep you'd be sucking off the soviets?


We even get caught being the 'terrorists'. We provocateur the situation to stay longer and suck that oil dry. Install the western puppet government and bring 'demoCRAZY' to the middle east. Yeah, Saddam did bad things...we've done much worse. Cleaning up your own mess is long as you're not being shot at

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Old 2008-05-04, 05:35   #4

DOAW's Avatar

I haven't watched the whole thing (it's late and I don't feel like sitting through it all right now), so there's a (remote) possibility that it may rip my heart apart, but after watching the first 5 minutes I saw several things that make me doubt it's veracity.

1. No traversing and elevation mechanisms on the .50 cals. Marines almost always use T&Es, rarely free-gun. But it could happen. I'll give the director this one.

2. Unarmored humvees. At this point in the war, almost all of the humvees are uparmored, or at least had supplementary gunner armor and armored doors; these had neither. But maybe the director couldn't get UA hummers.

3. A two vehicle patrol? Doubtful, given the high threat environment they were operating in.

4. None of the Marines are wearing their neck, throat, or groin protectors. Those pieces of armor were T/O theater wide.

5. When the 2 humvees pull in, everyone gets out and takes off, including the gunners. That would never happen in a million years. When you're outside the wire, there's always someone on the gun, providing overwatch.

Given the number of errors in a short period, what's to convince me that the director will provide any sort of accurate representation of what happened that day?

Such is life.
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Old 2008-05-04, 05:55   #5

HughJass's Avatar

good movie, but it was a little too much on the "killing civilians" part, I don't think people would go crazy like that and start killing everyone around them, besides, what happaned to the guy that was shooting from the roof? They found him and his gun, but took him to intergigate like nothing happaned? judging from the rampage they just went on I think they would of killed the gun man.

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Old 2008-05-04, 10:28   #6
Retired PR Developer
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bosco_'s Avatar

I suggest to watch this instead:
FRONTLINE: rules of engagement | PBS

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Old 2008-05-04, 11:46   #7

For pure cinematic values that movie was very crappy, not my cup of tea at all.
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Old 2008-05-04, 11:51   #8

sakils2's Avatar

Brainwashing, because there was that guy who spoked with those 2 insurgents who blew up the IED. The older insurgent regret his action, because of that action civilians died, but that sheikh said that it is OK, you did the right thing. IMO that is brainwashing.
And I'm not sucking off those people because of this movie. Those two sides did horrible jobs...
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Old 2008-05-04, 11:55   #9

ArmedDrunk&Angry's Avatar

Well, given the reviews, and the fact that all the Haditha Marines were cleared of any charges, I would normally pass.
But since it is raining now, and that means that people that would normally be playing and watching softball are currently asleep, and that means I can't play PR w/ VioP, I might as well watch some of it.

But before I watch it, it shouldn't take some terrorist propaganda film to make you feel bad for the Iraqi civilians.
But if you are going to feel bad for them, don't forget all the other people who are suffering right now, all over the world.
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Old 2008-05-04, 11:57   #10
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bosco_'s Avatar

By the way, they started producing the movie before the trials started.
Go figure.

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battle, haditha, movie
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